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ScoMal goes green to GULAG glee

31 October 2019

2:13 PM

31 October 2019

2:13 PM

Our non-cisgendered prominent political personage from the Progressive Canberra Cadre writes:

The exhilaration! CBD’s Christmases (oops seasons) are coming early.

Just when ScoMo was scoring parliamentary victory after parliamentary victory cruelly demoralising GULAG (GetUp!, the unions, Labor and the Greens) with counter-revolutionary tax relief measures helping the great unwashed masses to think they can balance their budgets with their own money rather than government help the hapless Libs and Nuts kick GULAG’s goals for us.

Yes, when only GUAG (that’s GetUp! and Green parts of GULAG) were fighting against strengthening the nation with security measures while Labor whimpered and rolled over it becomes devastatingly earth-shattering for GULAG’s true believers.

While Senator Carr’s contribution is always helpful the old hardened ones like CBD know he carries no real weight (politically speaking). The recidivists are dominating again having been cowered by the election loss. These spineless wonders somehow slip through the endorsement process. One wonders how? Possibly not enough CFMMEU delegates?

Yet in all this doom and gloom the Libs and Nuts have provides the hope CBD so desperately seeks.

Firstly Malcolm Turnbull’s endorsement of ScoMo’s energy policy in helping the Clean Energy Finance Corporation(CEFC) buoys GULAG like nothing else has since May 18. The hard right’s concern about energy prices and household budgets rightly ignored. Their supporters left dumbfounded. CBD is already salivating at the prospect of the Libs and Nuts tearing themselves apart yet again over energy policy.

Now CBD acknowledges MT is only motivated by principal (not sic). As is the offspring whose involvement in the campaign was with hindsight counterproductive.

Having won the climate change debate as we in GULAG called it the Libs and Nuts are throwing away their advantage causing conservatives consternation, disillusioning their support base while driving up energy prices. A trifecta superb.

And if this new flirtation with the CEFC doesn’t throw the cat amongst the pigeons (sorry to PETA for that unwholesome analogy) in Lib/Nut land then the appointment of Marcia Langton surely will. How the good professor will produce anything other than GULAG policy in the area of an indigenous voice is odds-defying.

But hey CBD ain’t complaining. Just quietly chuckling.

Having rejected political correctness, identity politics and division the Libs and Nuts not only go head first into this territory over which GULAG claims sole land rights we see the Lib/Nuts cede even more territory and all without a fight.

Not only does this allow GULAG to achieve its policy agenda. It undermines the people’s faith in democracy which — of course — is GULAG’s ultimate goal.

All the while AA, otherwise known as AnAl, continues to lead GULAG pointing to their policy agenda being foolly (only the left are smart enough to make such good gags) implemented by their class enemy.

It’s shaping up to be a good season just as long no one claims CBD’s backyard and the power stays on to keep the air conditioning working.

The CBD contributed exclusively to Flat White throughout the 2019 election campaign – and we have not heard the last of him/her/zi yet.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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