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White Ribbon: the gravy train that jumped the tracks

7 October 2019

5:00 AM

7 October 2019

5:00 AM

When White Ribbon Australia announced last week it was closing its doors, there was a round of applause around the country. Even many on the left seemed to agree it was for the best.

After all, the flaws in the charity were plentiful.

In 2017-18 it received $6 million in revenue – and spent $6.9 million in blowing its own trumpet and rewarding itself with handsome salaries rather than doing anything to help frontline victims. Dodgy virtue signaling ambassadors didn’t help the cause either.

While the ABC and other leftist media outlets insist the mission of White Ribbon remained important after the liquidation announcement, to the contrary, I would suggest it is the first domino of many that needs to fall.

That is, if the purpose is to actually create a better, more harmonious society rather than discriminate against men?

It’s easy to look at the financial mismanagement of White Ribbon and assert it wasn’t a viable business.

But misandry has become a bigger business in Australia than just one organisation.

While prominent far-left feminist extremists trot around the globe flogging their brand of hate in book form, it’s a reminder that this gravy train is of many, not of one.

While one far-left man-hater has appeared on the(ir) ABC more than 10 times promoting her book about female victimhood, it’s a reminder that the(ir) taxpayer-funded ABC is a willing participant of the feminist gravy train fuelled by hatred.

While the so-called ‘Mad F**king Witches’ continue their campaign against middle-aged white men (from Alan Jones and Peter Dutton to Trump), it is a reminder that the(ir) ABC’s propaganda is actually costing other businesses money. Next up, the same lynch mob is seeking to derail the family law inquiry via their tried and trusted email campaign strategy.

While The Age columnist Jenna Price tells ABC’s Radio National, “I’ve never heard anyone say White Ribbon is anti-male”, recorded facts prove otherwise.

A former CEO of White Ribbon Libby Davies said in 2016, “Our remit is to stop the violence at the source and the source is men.”

If that’s not anti-male, what is?

Apparently, these hate-filled deluded ideologues are hoping everyday Aussies won’t switch on the news and pay attention to female perpetrators or the indiscriminate reality of crime.

As White Ribbon Australia closes its doors, it’s time to acknowledge that our domestic violence strategy and policy is at the heart of discrimination against men across the country. The Duluth model (which states that men are evil perpetrators and women are innocent victims) will continue to block progress if left unchallenged.

In 2017 we lost 2349 men to suicide, according to the Bureau of Statistics. Suicide is the leading cause of death in Australian men aged 15 to 44.

If you care about why, you must thank the gravy train of hatred for playing their part.

The Guardian last week tried really, really hard to insist that parental alienation is nothing more than “junk science”. The author claimed “only 3% of fathers [are] denied access to their children. Three per cent.”

The author may well repeat a statistic they hope catches on but the facts yet again prove otherwise.

A new documentary Erasing Family shows that in the US alone, 22 million parents are being “erased” from their children’s lives. Filmmaker Ginger Gentile, who is also the deputy executive director of the National Parents Organization (NPO), tells the stories of several alienated children in her documentary while shining a light on the desperately broken family law system.

Her previous film Erasing Dad told the story of discrimination fathers face when they want to be in their children’s lives after divorce. This film led to legal changes in Argentina that allowed parents to have joint custody.

So, The Guardian may like to take a simplistic, immature view of this very real problem but in doing so they are only proving that they too are a willing participant on the gravy train.

The left may own the mainstream media but they are not gatekeepers of the truth. Patriarchy is theory, not fact and promoting division is certainly not progress.

The family law inquiry in Australia is crucial in exposing the entire gravy train of hate that runs through the media through to the family law court.

The gravy train is man-hating modern feminism; everyone who jumped on the bandwagon to slam Pauline Hanson’s involvement is part of the problem. Attempts to block this family law inquiry’s progress must be strongly shunned — now matter how many emails these haters send — if any benefit to White Ribbon closing is to be truly reaped and a confident step towards true equality is made.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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