The impeachment horror show

1 November 2019

5:25 AM

1 November 2019

5:25 AM

Is President Donald Trump spooked? The Democrats just pushed through a Halloween raft of impeachment rules. Nancy Pelosi’s smile has begun to break through the plastic on her face. This is just the first formal vote: the first of many.

Everybody voted along party lines, except for two Democratic congressmen, Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Rep. Collin Peterson of Minnesota. The Republicans all voted against the impeachment measures – suggesting that suspiciously timed reports of a GOP rebellion against Trump are way off the mark. Not in the House, anyway.

Brace yourselves for a tsunami of political effluence from Washington, DC. Democrats will say the Americans deserve to know the truth: democracy demands it. The Republicans will call it a Kafkaesque assault on democracy. Rep Steve Scalise today called it a ‘Soviet Style Rules’: he even brought in a silly Soviet poster to prove his point. The irony here is that such use of ‘message plus image board to emphasize point’ is itself Soviet style propaganda.

The Trump presidency is in real peril. Not because he has done anything wrong, necessarily, but because this is how leaders are destroyed. His opponents tried to create a Trump-Russia kill box with the Russia scandal. They botched that. The Democrats aren’t making the same mistake again. They may have made substantial concessions to the Republicans, but that doesn’t matter. The impeachment show will roll on and on right up to 2020, folks.

Nobody is above the law, as Trump’s critics so like to say these days. Even if the law is a horror show.

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