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When the woke go for broke and choke

18 November 2019

11:02 AM

18 November 2019

11:02 AM

When the woke overcook the politically correct wokeness that they perpetually live in and instead get slapped down by normality, I love it! 

It is their complete panic and surprise at what is merely common sense to the rest of us. 

And, they do not know what to do because they have been jumping at shadows for so long in trying to do what they think is the right thing to do in their politically correct rule governed society, that they simply come a cropper 

On Remembrance Day around the world wokeness met its’ match with normal thought processes and the latter won. 

While the Sussexes took part in the commemorations at the Cenotaph in London, fashion designer Stella McCartney posted a picture on Instagram of Meghan in one of her $2,900 black-belted coats saying she was honoured she wore it. 

Apparently, Meghan paid for it herself. Translation, like all royal wardrobes, the British taxpayer paid for it. 

But, it was the 48-year old designer’s fans who caused the backlash, berating McCartney for being insensitive and inappropriate to advertise the coat on such a solemn occasion. 

One fan wrote, “Remembrance Day is to honour those that fought for it not to use for advertising purposes. Pretty shocked.” 

To McCartney’s credit, the post was deleted and another one crafted with a video of poppies blowing in the wind and the message, “Remembering the ones that sacrificed to give us freedom x Stella. 

There is a saying, ‘any publicity is good publicity.’ Not this time. 

Whatever your views on war, in Australia, we live as free people in a free country because of the sacrifices made by those who served and those who are serving. 

Remembrance Day is to give thanks to them. Lest we forget. 

And Lest we forget that Australia is not a perfect country but compared to other nations around the world, we do our best and are generous to those who come to call Australia home, regardless of background, religion, culture or class. 

Sadly, in Western Australia, wokeness remains alive and well in the suburbs. 

One of its local councils, the City of Wanneroo, has removed the words, “Australia Day” from its’ January 26 multicultural festival. 

Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter has declared the move an “act of politically correct stupidity” but the council is standing firm saying it has excluded any reference to Australia Day in promotional material for the inaugural Wanneroo Festival in 2020 because it does not want to offend the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. 

The WA state Labor government does not want to get involved and has said while it supports Australia Day on January 26, what local councils did on the day was up to them. 

So, in true blue Aussie irony, aspects of Remembrance Day 2019 and aspects Australia Day 2020 have stirred up the emotions and reactions of the normal person. 

When you try to tamper and twist the meaning of any established tradition which millions have always observed, the backlash means that the woke should wake up. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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