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Now the(ir) ABC wants to milk disaster

9 January 2020

5:31 PM

9 January 2020

5:31 PM

Listen… Do you hear it? The(ir) ABC is playing the world’s teeny tiniest violin.

They want us to believe they should be given even more taxpayer’s hard-earned cash.  

It’s a stunt straight from the Sir Humphrey playbook.

The SMAge reports that the ABC’s coverage of the current bushfire crisis threatens to push the organisation in to “more budget strife”.  

An ABC spokesman says there have been “670 emergency broadcasting events for the 2019-20 financial year so far.” 

Well, well, well, isn’t this interesting… 

No wonder they’re so hell-bent on whipping up fury about climate change – they’re hoping it can be used as leverage to bankroll them.  

The(ir) already ABC gets $1 billion a year from the government. Yes, that’s billion with a B. 

It should not be given any more.  

Instead, here’s a radical idea. Perhaps our national broadcaster’s focus should be on providing actual news coverage, as they have during the bushfires, rather than endless left propaganda on talkfest panels 

Or we could wave goodbye to the charter-breaching ABC Life?  

Kiss Q&A goodbye? 

Or perhaps look a little closer at their top 20 on-air presenter salaries?

Here’s looking at you, Paul BarryIt’s been reported you earn around $200,000 annually. That’s a nice little taxpayer-funded 15-minute TV gig you have yourself there, with little interest in true objectivity and a marvellous regular opportunity to stick the boot into conservative media rivals.  

Their leftie pals at The SMAge state, “These national emergency broadcasts are not part of the ABC’s charter requirements, though are considered to be of significant public benefit by the government and communities across the country, and come out of the existing $1 billion-a-year budget.” 

What a fail.  

All this does is remind hard-working taxpayer’s how they squander their funds on fatuities 

If the ABC’s charter doesn’t cover national emergency broadcasts within the annual financial commitment of $1 billion, it should be amended. A few little matters like bias and duplicating superfluous services already provided by the hard-pressed commercial media could be tackled at the same time.

No, the(ir) ABC is not getting any more.  

And no, playing this tiniest little violin, seeking to cash-in strategically on the bushfire crisis, is not going to work.  

Nice try, but not this time.

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