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Why I’m over Australia Day

28 January 2020

2:00 PM

28 January 2020

2:00 PM

So Australia Day has come and gone for another year.  Yet again we had the Lay On the Guilt With a Trowel brigade with their Invasion Day and Change the Date nonsense with its usual bleats about Aboriginal victimhood.  We had the yobbos happy to wrap their tattooed flabby bare-chested bodies in the flag with their beer-fuelled hyper-nationalism and ingrained intolerance.

And we had the great big silent majority simply delighted to have Australia Day fall on a Sunday and making sure of a long weekend.

I’m going to say what no conservative is expected to say. Forget about Australia Day, forget about changing the date.

Let’s abolish Australia Day altogether.

National days such as Australia Day has become are the mark of immature, insecure societies that somehow feel the need to validate themselves with an orgy of self-congratulation.  A confident, mature society does not need a special day to single itself out as special.  Look at Britain: the mainspring of European (and therefore Australian) civilisation, the fountainhead of modern democracy, the bringer of enlightenment to all corners of the globe, doesn’t have a national day at all.

We don’t need a national day to tell us that Australia is a great nation, with great people and a great past and future. Our national insecurity, evoked in Australia Day and exploited by the aggrieved and the woke, is as embarrassing as it’s unjustified. We are who we are, and that’s all we need to know.  In a very real sense, every day is Australia Day.

And it’s a disgrace that manipulated guilt and shame over our national origins is being propagated cynically and unscrupulously by an ungrateful Aboriginal activist industry – and its elitist white Australian hangers-on with their Rousseau-derived notions of primitive pre-European Aboriginal culture and who have willingly and gullibly swallowed Dark Emu whole –  has hijacked the public conversation with its own versions of our history and accuses everyone who doesn’t accept its distortions and half-truths without question as evil racists.  Their discreditable behaviour has debauched the day and turned it into a gigantic national guilt trip fuelled by the ABC-SBS-Guardian-SMAge-The Project Axis of Woke.

Frankly, it’s just not worth it.

The true value of Australia Day simply is that it’s come to mark the long, languid summer that Australians enjoy most years (if not, sadly, this).  It marks the time by when most working Australians are back on the job and kids are about to return to school.  It’s merely a milestone in our national year, nothing more.  Beyond that, most Australians don’t any longer give a stuff about Arthur Philip. Probably because hardly anyone under 30 doesn’t even know about him thanks to the perverted wokeness that passes for teaching Australian history these days.

So let’s ditch Australia Day.  Instead, let’s keep the end of January public holiday but treat it like the British do with their bank holidays: an official long weekend that does nothing more than mark the end of the summer break.  We can still have our get-togethers and barbies.  We can still have ferry races and tennis and cricket matches.  We can still flock to the beach or go up-country to enjoy the trees and forests. Or we can still stay at home with Netflix or a good book.

But surely we can all do without all the lectures and propaganda insisting we must celebrate Australia Day, not to mention the woke coronation ceremony known as the Australian of the Year announcement, just as much we can do without the disgraceful guilt-peddling by Change the Date rabble-rousers.

A long weekend for officially doing nothing in particular: we can all celebrate that.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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