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The left’s hypocrisy on “racism”

17 February 2020

11:06 AM

17 February 2020

11:06 AM

It’s just as well the left keeps losing elections around the world – worse than losing votes; they’ve lost the plot.

The hypocrisy coming from the left isn’t just deafening. It’s unhinged.

Just last week we saw Pauline Hanson accused of “racism” for daring to speak up about the absolute necessity of personal responsibility.  

No, I don’t agree with every word Hanson chose to use but the overall message was clear and correct. 

“The biggest problem facing Australian and Aboriginal Australians today is there own lack of commitment and responsibility to helping themselves,” she told parliament last Wednesday. “If you want to close the gap, start taking some responsibility for your own people. We’ve provided the schools – it’s now up to you to send your own kids to school. We’ve provided the jobs but it’s up to you to turn up when you’re rostered on, not when it suits. It’s up to the Aboriginals to stay off the grog and the drugs.” 

Labor frontbencher Jenny McAllister slammed Hanson’s speech saying, “Her racist comments – and they are racist – have no place in this chamber. 

Meanwhile, the wide-eyed Greens took a brief breather from calling for a war cabinet to deal with the “climate emergency” to apologise for the offence Hanson’s speech would cause. 

Greens deputy leader Larissa Waters said, “It’s the racism that we’ve come to expect from her and her party. They don’t reflect the sentiment of this chamber or (the) vast majority of Australians.” 

Says she from the party that most definitely does not reflect the sentiment of the vast majority of Australians.  

The Greens have clearly been smoking too much of their Green New Deal; they’re also confusing the Coronavirus public health crisis with racism. Presumably, they will similarly declare the decision to ban Huwaei was racism too?

Over on Twitter far-left columnist for The Saturday Paper, Paul Bongiorno, decided to take a swipe at Finance Minister Mathias Corman, hurling in a mention of “Goebels: the big lie”. He’s not just screeching down empty corridors; Bongiorno has over 115,000 followers on twitter.

So, in the weird and dangerous minds of the left, Hanson is racist for suggesting that Aboriginal Australians need to take responsibility for their own lives, but it’s okay for a former priest to essentially call Corman a Nazi?  

Hanson is racist for saying Aboriginal Australians should take their kids to school or show up to work, but it’s fine for Bongiorno to hurl around references to a merciless, mass-murdering dictatorship’s propaganda machine 

To borrow from the philosophy of Larissa Waters, this is the racism we’ve come to expect from Bongiorno, who famously called Warren Mundine “Uncle Tom”.  

Hypocrisy, thy name is the left.  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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