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Peter Dutton, the Twitterati and the(ir) ABC

2 March 2020

5:00 AM

2 March 2020

5:00 AM

If you heard a noise on Sunday morning it was the quiet Australians … roaring with laughter.  

Snowflake brokens on Twitter were waiting for Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton to trip, fall and land on his face while being interviewed by David Speers on ABC’s Insiders.  

They’d even prepared a hashtag in advance which sums up the depth of their political insight – #HerrDutton

Yes, that’s right, those who lecture us about racism and tolerance felt it appropriate to give Dutton a Nazi title. 

How woke. Even more, how original.

The mad activists, Mad F***ing Witches, who have been chasing down Alan Jones and 2GB for months wrote:

The potato memes began. 


References to “Spud” started to fly.  

When the show started there were several complaints about “manspreading” and some voiced relief that Gerard Henderson, token conservative, would not be appearing.  

Unfortunately for team fury, Dutton sailed through the interview with common sense, calmness and clarity – which only served to drive the brokens insane.  One wrote:


“OMG Dutton should start wearing a mask – that face & voice will frighten the kids,” said another 

“He looks unwell,” someone else chimed in. 

The Tweeting even reached these heights of lunacy:

That’s all they had. 


Nasty, personal abuse because their brand runs on hate and at times like this, it’s utterly clear to see.  Interestingly, earlier last week an IPA poll showed that 30 per cent of people said ABC is out of touch with ‘ordinary’ Aussies. Another 38 per cent had no opinion either way. Only 32 per cent, the poll found, love Aunty.

That’s an utterly underwhelming endorsement.

Part of it might be explained by such stunts as the response of Gaven Morris, the ABC’s Head of News and Current Affairs — a dubiously distorted representation of the poll results.

Even more, the lack of support for the ABC might stem from the broadcaster’s belief social media reflects real life. 

IPA policy director Gideon Rozner said, “These polling results suggest that young people are optimistic, ambitious and patriotic. They are not interested in programming awash with negativity, black armband history and climate hysteria. These results prove there is no future in public ownership of the ABC.”

The majority of ‘ordinary Aussies’ do not see their views reflected on the ABC and they do not want to be bankrolling left-wing propaganda 

When they listen to Dutton being interviewed and watch the Twitterati hurl their hideous bile, they thank god once again that he stepped up and saved us from that limp lettuce-leaf leader named Turnbull. 

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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