Warren stops persisting

6 March 2020

3:10 AM

6 March 2020

3:10 AM

Being president just wasn’t in Elizabeth Warren’s DNA. The New York Times’s favorite candidate has nevertheless stopped persisting. After finishing third in her home state of Massachusetts on Super Tuesday, all the smoke signals were there, and the media could no longer circle the wagons around her.

The question was never about if Warren was going to fold her tent and go home, it was simply a case of when. Warren was supposedly considering taking her candidacy all the way to the convention, but that would have been quite the gamble for both her and her party. She was reportedly also fielding calls from both the Biden and Bernie campaigns for her endorsement

Warren entered the race with the perception as the staunch policy wonk, piggybacking her campaign slogan of having a plan for everything on Vox Dot Com. It turns out, in the end, the only thing she didn’t have a plan for was voters who could see through her transparent half-truths, starting out with a botched campaign rollout that saw her apologizing to Native tribes. For what exactly, she won’t say, as to this day she maintains her Native American heritage. She then was caught in lies about being fired as a teacher (she wasn’t) and sending her kids to public school (her son attended private school).

Ultimately the baggage became too much for her to overcome, despite a campaign kept afloat for months based almost solely on media fawning and fluff profiles. The journo love continued into this week, even as clamors for her to drop out became louder. The candidate who had built an entire brand off her persisting wasn’t about to go quietly now just because Bernie Sanders and his supporters wanted her to.

Be sure to console a journalist today. Many of them had no reservations about their open support for America’s mother-in-law. Even though she is no longer on the trail, don’t expect the media adoration for her to cease. Their love for Warren will persist, even if her campaign won’t.

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