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When hashtag wars matter more than domestic violence action

10 March 2020

2:31 PM

10 March 2020

2:31 PM

Undermining the Morrison government is not an end in itself.  

Anyone who’s been paying attention will have noticed the anti-Morrison government campaign ramping up since the bushfires began last year.  

Far from being irritating that anti-government hashtags are constantly trending on social media – it should be incredibly concerning.  

Efforts to undermine #ScottyFromMarketing, #LiarFromTheShire or #CrimeMinisterMorrison are all part of the constant drip to water the seeds of doubt that have been sown by left-wing activists.  

With all this in mind, eyebrows should have been raised when reading an article in The Guardian on Monday about domestic violence funding. 

“Domestic violence: women’s safety advocates say Coalition is ignoring experts” screamed the headline. “Morrison government accused of ‘re-announcing controversial scheme for women fleeing violent situations.” 

Just two weeks ago Julia Baird suggested that domestic violence should not be politicised.  

However, articles like this in The Guardian underline, yet again, how politicised this issue has been for decades.  

Women’s safety advocates are being positioned against the Morrison government because the left is against the Morrison government.  

When, in truth, we all want to see a reduction in violence.  

But, the theory goes that women are not safe because #ScottyFromMarketing cannot be trusted.  

Therefore, Scott Morrison becomes an actual threat to women’s safety and lives. 

Hayley Foster, chief executive officer of Women’s Safety NSW was quoted in The Guardian piece slamming the Morrison government. She said the government has failed to commit to “any serious action in addressing domestic violence across the nation” – despite them being committed to taking action.  

But, because #LiarFromTheShire has stuck; no one will dare to question. 

What these left-wing mouthpieces don’t like is that Morrison isn’t taking action through them. 

Left-wing activists wanted Pauline Hanson off the family law inquiry for the same reason these groups falsely claim the government is not taking action on this issue. 


They are terrified about the real-life stories that will emerge in these public hearings, which begin today in Townsville. 

They don’t want to see $20 million going down a different path. 

Foster continued, “What is really inexcusable is that we have a national body set up to advise the Council of Australian Governments on reducing violence against women and their children under the National Plan – the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance [AWAVA] and the federal government has spent this $20m on this initiative without even going through this advisory body.” 

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times… We will not make any meaningful progress on this issue until it is unwrapped from feminist ideology.  

When Foster continues then to speak about “the enormous social problem of men’s violence against women and children in our society”, she gives the game away. 

This is all about ideology. 

The domestic violence industry wants to keep hold of the funding and the narrative – and left-leaning journalists have a vested interest in keeping those anti-Morrison hashtags rolling across social media. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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