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Be warned: the Twits are already going to Pell and back

14 April 2020

1:04 PM

14 April 2020

1:04 PM

Any journalist who says they would not have wanted the first exclusive post-prison with Cardinal George Pell after his release from prison is either useless — or lying.

At 7.00 this evening, the interview between Pell and Andrew Bolt will air on Sky News Australia.

It’s reported Pell will offer “unprecedented insight”, speak about his lengthy legal battle, time in prison as well as offering his reflections on the Catholic Church.

It will make essential viewing, whichever side of the political spectrum you sit on.

The build-up to this interview is also providing a fascinating insight into the left versus right media ranks in Australia.

Left-wing media is so hell-bent on criticising the Catholic Church; they appear to have lost sight of what the rest of us are seeing.

That is — media ranks clearly on display.

It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from the(ir) ABC to Channel 10 and the biggest names in the Australian media circus.

Channel 10’s Lisa Wilkinson so loathes Pell (and anyone right of centre) that at times she cannot even bring herself to utter Bolt’s name, like the denizens of Harry Potter’s wizarding world and Lord Voldemort.

“George #Pell is giving his only interview after being released from prison to a supportive commentator this week,” she Tweeted. “Fact remains, Pell’s record of supporting paedophile priests is appalling. I urge you, if you plan on watching it, please watch this video first.”

She linked to a video by the ABC’s Louise Milligan.

Accompanying the video, Milligan wrote, “Heartbreaking Easter viewing from Steve & survivors. Now that appeal’s over, they desperately want to know what Royal Comm found #Pell knew of awful paedo priest, Ridsdale, who wrecked their childhoods. Had Church acted earlier, their lives radically different.”

Wilkinson’s retweet of Milligan was preceded by a retweet of her husband Pirate Pete Fitzsimmons’ Sunday column that also stuck the boot into Bolt.

Channel 10’s Peter Van Onselen also retweeted Fitzsimmons anti-Bolt column.

Australia’s biggest names in media are as cosy as a family gathering at (a typical) Easter.

Anyone who thinks that Pell walking free means that the mainstream media will take a moment to self-reflect and reconsider their bias is severely misguided.
The(ir) ABC and the leftist media pack didn’t get their man.

Therefore, the hunt will continue.

Social media will burst into flames as bright as hell itself this evening when Pell and Bolt share a screen.

Pell, Bolt, the Catholic Church plus the left’s beloved narrative around white men?

The left haven’t blinked for a week and are positively drooling.

Illustration: Sky News Australia screenshot.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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