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Malcolm Turnbull and the media fraudsters

20 April 2020

5:00 AM

20 April 2020

5:00 AM

Face it: the identifiable, small, smug cluster of the Australian media elite does not care it’s out of tune with the majority of the population.

It is so arrogant, disdainful and self-important it does not give one jot it’s cheering for the opposite side to that which Quiet Australians support.

Irritatingly, when that penny drops, you will see it playing out constantly.

Last week, miserable ghost Malcolm Turnbull revealed the real extent to which he played a part in the establishment of Guardian Australia.

“I was beginning to despair about the state of Australian journalism,” he writes in his memoir ‘A Bigger Picture’.

Presumably, he fails to realise that Guardian Australia has invaded our political landscape, made itself comfy on panels of our supposedly unbiased national broadcaster, and dragged it all to the activist left?

Just look where we are today.

Anyone who is centre-right despairs about the state of Australian journalism on a daily (if not hourly) basis.

The Guardian Australia is green-left.

It is the media version of Adam Bandt and his miserable pack of greenies.

Do these dimwits think we’re too stupid to see and map out their biases?

Look at the titchy tiny pool of media elites who desperately attempt to keep control of the narrative — and firmly believe in their self-anointed status of elevated political nous.

It’s bollocks, frankly.

Turnbull was never a Liberal; we all know that.

His connection to Guardian Australia underlines the reality of his political leanings but it’s certainly no shocker.

Similarly, look at Peter Van Onselen; an agonising howl away from being an unbiased centrist journalist. How many times do you need to sit as a regular on the panel of Channel Ten’s The Project as well as appear on the(ir) ABC before it confirms left-leaning bias?

PVO might have spent three-quarters of an hour as Coalition staffer well over a decade ago but, just like Turnbull, you can’t imagine him ever being of the party faithful.

Is it acceptable that taxpayer-funded ABC social media platforms serve to lift these self-anointed know-it-alls above all others?

Why are hard-working taxpayers funding to elevate the profiles of these clowns so they can flog their wares?

Is it really okay that ABC’s Patricia Karvelas has re-tweeted far-left green activists Sleeping Giants, Annabel Crabb is helping Turnbull launch his memoir, and Insiders retweets PVO when he writes for The Australian, clearly because it ticks a box on the check list of balance?

Of course it’s not.

Stop taking us for fools.

We see you.

We hear you.

We are equally furious with the political and the media class for these very reasons.

The public see you – and they will never forget your arrogance in not even attempting to readdress the balance after getting the last election so embarrassingly, shamefully, hideously wrong.


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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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