New York Post and Washington Examiner fall for Tom Brady Twitter hoax

9 April 2020

10:09 AM

9 April 2020

10:09 AM

Cockburn doesn’t pay all much attention to football, but he was surprised to read on Wednesday that former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said he was ‘tired’ of people criticizing Donald Trump.

‘The guy is doing his best to help the country. I’d like to see his critics try to do better in his position,’ Brady supposedly said, according to reports in the New York Post and Washington Examiner. Cockburn saw several MAGA people sharing the quote victoriously on Twitter, but is at pains to inform them that it is a spoof.

Brady, who is headed to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the upcoming NFL season (whenever that is), did give a candid interview about Trump to Howard Stern this morning. He revealed that Trump invited him to give a speech at the 2016 Republication National Convention, but he declined the offer because he didn’t want to get too involved in politics. The reported quote about being ‘tired’ of Trump’s critics, however, comes from a parody Twitter account that often fools reporters by tweeting out fake quotes or stories.

LMFAO the @nypost fell for my fake Rapoport quote

— SportsCenter (@SuperToughScene) April 8, 2020

The New York Post apparently took the parody tweet at face value and opted not to actually listen to Brady’s interview with Stern to verify the quote. The Washington Examiner then aggregated the Post’s story. Both later updated their pieces to remove the fake quote. Whoops!

Cockburn sympathizes with being confused by Twitter but the fake quote simply didn’t mesh with Brady’s past statements about Trump. When he was busted with a MAGA hat in his locker in 2015, for example, he said that Trump sent it as a gift through Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Brady’s refusal to take ownership of the cap should let people know that he won’t be going full steam ahead on the Trump train any time soon.

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