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6 April 2020

5:00 AM

6 April 2020

5:00 AM

Barrie Cassidy hosted the(ir) ABC’s Insider’s programme for 18 years.

An accidentally leaked 2013 document revealed he earned $243,478. Some might say that wasn’t bad for a show that aired once a week. It would generate a total income of over $4.3 million over the period he sat in the chair.

When he presented his final episode of ABC’s Insiders program in June 2019, Bob Hawke’s old press sec said, “I want to find out – and do other things before I run out of motivation and energy.”

Clearly Cassidy’s definition of “other things” does not include being financially independent.

As hundreds of thousands of Australians queue at Centrelink, wave goodbye to their small businesses and hard-earned dreams, Cassidy is returning to the(ir) ABC this week.

No, this is not a one-off; this is a whole new series about “Modern Leadership”. Ka-ching!

“He’ll be bringing you revealing, thought provoking and intimate half hour conversations with people from all walks of life who have shown what it takes to be a leader,” the ABC website gushed when announcing One Plus One: Leadership series will kick off on Thursday 9 April.

Surely then, say, Pauline Hanson would be a guest? You know, in the interest of balance and clearly shunning political bias? Offering broader dimensions?


Instead, we can look forward to an interview with Sally Scales, chair of the APY Lands Executive Board Council. APY became the first elected body in Australia to mandate a 50 per cent gender split, which came under fire as critics said this could lead to corruption and nepotism.

Scales became the youngest woman elected at 27, which clearly in ABC terms is gold-dust when attempting to perpetuate the myth of female victimhood rather than turning to Hanson who has been the personification of a strong female leader for decades.

Smash that glass ceiling – that doesn’t exist.

You go girl – as long as we agree with your politics.

Try “other things” – unless you’d rather take another fat wad of cash from the taxpayer in a time of national crisis.

“Want to find out”? Well, there’s the issue of why the ABC, unlike the Beeb refuses to release details of the remuneration of its senior staff.

Please, tell me more about how our national broadcaster serves us all so diligently.

Illustration: ABC iView.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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