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The PVO merry-go-round

27 April 2020

6:01 PM

27 April 2020

6:01 PM

If you were to open up Peter Van Onselsen’s brain and have a look around, you would find scrambled egg. 

On Sunday, PVO graced the(ir) ABC’s Insiders. 

It was like watching a blindfolded drunk make their way around an assault course.  

This guy is exhausting. 

The mental loops he runs inside his own head are utterly insane.  

His logic is illogical gibberish. 

“If it’s not important enough to be compulsory… it’s not important enough for me to download it,” he said of the government’s COVID-19 tracing app. 


PVO is seriously suggesting some kind of totalitarian government? 

The comments on PVO’s comments were a delight. 

“This is an incredibly lame and bad take,” one viewer wrote. 

I can’t understand that logic at all,” wrote another. “So now everything that is important is compulsory?” 

“A self-proclaimed libertarian crying out for a government to mandate a “what I believe he views as helpful) initiative or he won’t do it,” questioned another.  

There were plenty of laughing emojis scattered among the debris too, while many were clearly left shaking their heads at the sheer insanity.  

“The PVO merry go round!” someone commented.

“This just feels like a remarkably politically naïve point of view,” one viewer wrote.  

While another chimed, “PVO is starting to sound like a half-wit.” 

“Completely illogical,” wrote another.  

In the latest Newspoll, Scott Morrison has strengthened his lead as better PM. He now sits at 56 per cent to Albo’s 28 per cent, yet this country’s leading political commentators do not understand why.

The scrambled egg of PVOs brain explains all we need to know.  

Illustration: Ben R Davis.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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