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A question for the(ir) ABC and Scott Morrison

8 May 2020

5:00 AM

8 May 2020

5:00 AM

Please take a seat; we need to discuss something incredibly important.

It has been reported over recent weeks that calls to helplines have increased.

The government launched a new domestic violence awareness campaign on Sunday.

The “Help is here” campaign will direct victims of family and sexual violence to counselling helpline 1800RESPECT. 

Men who are concerned about posing a risk to those around them are being directed to MensLine Australia.  

The Brisbane Times reported, “Over 15 per cent of calls to MensLine have been linked to the [coronavirus] crisis”.

Where is the help for men who find themselves locked up and unsafe in their own homes? 

Where is the outrage that the 15 per cent of calls to a men’s helpline could be falling through the cracks and, in fact, be in danger themselves?

The government has poured $150 million into a domestic violence package – and it’s still heading in the wrong direction.

And, not only are our taxes being poured into flawed support packages, they are being enabled by taxpayer-funded national broadcaster.  

A hideous article, published on the(ir) ABC’s website is a prime example.  

“Inside the Men’s Referral Service, a call centre dealing with Australia’s abusive men and domestic violence,” it proudly stated. 

It reads as if written by an extremist feminist; dripping in ideology.

“All the outbound calls at the Men’s Referral Service start in a similar fashion,” the article said. “A phone counsellor punches in the man’s number, [interesting choice of words] perhaps having read a police report about a family violence incident he was involved in over the weekend. He might have stabbed his partner, or a concerned neighbour called the cops after hearing screaming during the night.”

It continues to explain how calls from the service begin.

“I’m a counsellor from the Men’s Referral Service. We call people after there has been an incident and the police have been at your house. We’re a community service agency and we’re here to talk to you about what’s going on for you – about how you’re going and what’s going to happen next. Is that a conversation you’d like to have?”

It continued, “About half the men will hang up pretty quickly”.

And no one wants to ask why that may be? 

Anyone who has done some research rather than drinking the feminist ideological Kool-Aid will tell you domestic violence is a generational issue, not a gendered one.

Men suffer at similar rates to women.

Take a moment to look at facts and statistics on domestic violence rather than propaganda.

Male and female intimate partner violence has been found to be perpetrated from similar motives.

Stress is a central motivator for both.

In addition, the pursuit of power and control in relationships has been found not to be gender-specific.

Surely, if the stress of this pandemic is causing a rise in intimate partner violence, we should be stepping up to protect all who are vulnerable?

At the start of the month, The Sydney Morning Herald reported, “the number of domestic and family violence victims seeking urgent assistance has increased by 10 per cent after the COVID-19 lockdown began in March.”

NSW figures showed an increase of 11 per cent for female domestic and family violence victims in March, compared the same period last year.

And it showed for males, there was “an increase of almost 9 per cent.”

So, it is both men and women who are in crisis right now – an increase of 11 per cent versus 9 per cent.

Dear Scott Morrison: please explain to me why these men are being referred to MensLine and asked whether they’d like to change their behaviour?

And why is the(ir) taxpayer-funded ABC only showing one side to this horrific story?

The true death toll from this pandemic is still hiding in the shadows.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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