California spreads the wealth…to illegal immigrants

20 May 2020

5:51 AM

20 May 2020

5:51 AM

California is mastering government of the people, by the people, for…illegal aliens?

Starting this week, illegal immigrants living in California are now eligible for $1,000 household stimulus checks from the state as part of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s coronavirus relief agenda. The initiative also features in the governor’s broader agenda to turn California into a ‘socialist utopia’.

Thumbing their surgically-altered noses at nearly 600,000 homeless Californians and 80,000 Californian COVID-19 patients, state authorities allocated $75 million of state funding for the program and is working with philanthropic groups — including the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative — to provide an additional $50 million. There are more than two million illegal immigrants in California.

Declaring undocumented workers ‘essential’, Gov. Newsom justified the policy by saying that illegal immigrants make up 10 percent of California’s workforce. Taking a page out of MSNBC’s math textbook, Newsom cited the $2.5 billion that illegals pay in state and local taxes while glossing over the estimated cost of illegal immigration to California taxpayers: $23 billion.

Like a spoiled thirty-something emerging from his parents’ basement for mealtime, Newsom appeared on CNN to gripe about the state’s need for federal aid. To add some spice to his request, he threatened that first responders would be the first to get the ax unless more funding materializes.

‘I hope they’ll consider this, the next time they want to salute and celebrate our heroes and first responders, our police officers and firefighters, consider the fact that they are the first ones that will be laid off by cities and counties,’ the Crown Prince of California told Jake Tapper.

Sadly, California is no stranger to the gutting of police departments and the decline of rule of law at large. Cockburn recalls how the state decriminalized petty theft a few years ago, leading to countless occurrences of shoplifting that have terrorized small business owners — although perhaps not as much as Newsom’s draconian 9 percent business taxes.

California Democrats have a long history of snubbing American citizens in favor of illegal aliens. Last summer, California became the first state to offer taxpayer-funded healthcare to illegal immigrants. In 2017, former Gov. Jerry Brown signed the California Values Act, which makes California a ‘sanctuary state’. Several counties and cities in California also consider themselves ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal immigrants.

Newsom was not the only politician to suggest spending coronavirus stimulus money on those in the US illegally. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is known for crowing about illegal immigrants paying taxes. Like Gov. Newsom, the DSA wunderkind turns a blind eye to the supposed tax burden of illegal immigrants — which, for the entire nation, is roughly $116 billion.

Cockburn can’t help but point out that AOC owes $2,000 in taxes from her failed publishing house and has caught the eye of the FEC for suspect campaign financing dealings. Perhaps the congresswoman should balance her own checkbook with the IRS before calling for 70 percent taxes on the rich?

It appears as though leftists like AOC, Newsom and Pelosi might be secretly suffering from hydroxychloroquine-induced hallucinations. How else to explain elected officials who prioritize those in the country illegally over their own voters?

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