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EXCLUSIVE: Charming Clementine scores a government grant

4 May 2020

4:26 PM

4 May 2020

4:26 PM

Remember back in January when Yassmin Abdel-Magied scored that cushy $20,000 in cash and six-month residency in Paris?

Remember how it made sense of why leftist luvvies were crying about funding for the arts? 

Well, funny story, old mate Clementine Ford has now been given one too.

“Absolutely thrilled to be a recipient of the @cityofmelbourne ARTS grants to support the writing of my book, #HowWeLove! Thank you so much. It alleviates a lot of stress,” she wrote.

Stress that the majority of Aussies are living with, you mean? 

Stress that everyone else has about paying their rent, mortgage, bills, putting fuel in their car and food on the table?  

So glad that’s been “alleviated” for you.

The City of Melbourne has dished out a grand total of 226 “COVID-19 creatives packages”: $4,000 each, out of $2 million to invest in new works and digital translation of performances.

The Victorian government has unveiled a glittering $16.8 million “survival package for the arts”.

Because, clearly, in the midst of a pandemic what Australia needs most urgently is to fund the arts, celebrate creativity and dish out money to struggling artists.

Obviously, these are the real essential services.


Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley said, “Victoria is proudly the creative state. Even in these unprecedented times, our creatives continue to find ways to connect and inspire us – but they are doing it tough and they need our help.”

So, to give charming Clementine a break from beauty blogging, or hurling abuse on Twitter, she’s had her bills paid?

Only in Victoria, folks.

Editor’s note: There’s more on those zany Melbourne City Council grants here.

Illustration: Twitter.

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