Kayleigh McEnany is winning the 2020 election

16 May 2020

11:46 PM

16 May 2020

11:46 PM

Well, isn’t she lovely? Kayleigh McEnany, Trump’s new press secretary, is already winning the hearts and minds of locked-down males across the world. She might even go on to swing the presidential election. A Trump star is born, just when he needed her the most.

Cockburn has greatly enjoyed watching McEnany slap down the White House press corps in recent days. Contrast the nasty hacks, now forced to wear masks like nincompoop bandits from planet COVID, with the iridescent Kayleigh: her pneumatic blonde locks, power make-up and brilliantly weaponized wardrobe. It’s Fake News vs Fake Eyelashes, and that’s no contest.

Kayleigh is telegenic and intelligent. Cockburn is not alone it finding that a formidable combination. She is also married to a baseball player, which gives her an all-American wholesomeness that money can’t buy.

Would you rather watch some pale twerp boring on about the administration’s failure to provide PPE? Or Kayleigh carefully womansplaining Obamagate? You know the answer. Can’t follow the twists and turns of the Steele Dossier and the FISA warrants? Don’t worry: just listen to Kayleigh and nod along.

It’s often said that the Trump presidency is a reality TV show and it’s true. Now, just in time for the 2020 climax, the show has cast a major talent in a leading role.

The moment Trump decided to stop doing press conferences and appoint Kayleigh to do them for him could prove to be a turning point in the 2020 election. After Trump, she will be the TV face of the administration. She will, without doubt, help Trump appeal to that most enormous of American demographics: the pervy middle-aged male. Trust Cockburn on this. Or look on Twitter, where you will see countless men of a certain vintage posting videos of Kayleigh and saying what an impressive, er, speaker she is, before adding the virtue-caveat that they hold no candle for the Trump administration. But the more they see of Kayleigh, the more they’ll be won over.

It’s not just men. Women are drawn to good-looking and successful women too — didn’t you know? It’s satisfying for the fairer sex to see one of their own put these uppity and often male reporters in their place. Kayleigh could be to the center-right what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is to the center-left: a woman whose eloquence and attractiveness propels people towards an embrace of a politics they once shunned.

Kayleigh’s popularity will of course drive the religiously anti-Trump brigades crazy. With her straightforward hot girl looks, and nightclub hostess hair, she will arouse their snobbery. At some point, we can be sure, some high-profile commentator will say something unpleasant and sexist about her, and that will become a Trump-favorable talking point for weeks. Leave the poor girl alone.

She may be the smartest hire Trump has ever made.

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