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Latham’s Law

30 May 2020

9:00 AM

30 May 2020

9:00 AM

The NSW Wokelys

The young lady moved towards the microphone, eagerly accepting her prize. It came with the personal imprimatur of Gladys Berejiklian: the 2020 NSW Premier’s Literary Award for New Writing; plus a handy $5,000 cheque to help finance future projects. ‘Hello, I am S. L. Lim,’ she said, ‘author of Real Differences and Revenge, a forthcoming novel about abolishing the family.’ Poor hapless Gladys, out there every other day talking about how much her family means to her, while also funding activists who want to abolish the family. Welcome to today’s Liberal party. When it comes to fighting the leftist march through the institutions of government – cleaning out funding bodies, advisory panels and bureaucracies – they are as useful as pockets in your underpants. The conservative instinct is timid, accustomed to preserving institutions rather than reclaiming them. Only non-traditionalists like Trump know how to fight, to never take a backward step, to unapologetically hammer the Left at every opportunity, to never surrender. There are no Trumps in the NSW Liberal party. But there are scores of Chamberlains, jelly-backs keen (very Kean) to accommodate the Left by implementing the green movement’s policies. Hence I’ve re-launched the Wokelys, an annual award for the worst ideological capitulation in NSW politics. S. L. Lim’s prize is our first nominee. Funding post-modernists who want to dismantle the family unit seems a tad out-of-step with the Menzian legacy.

Our next nominee comes from the north of the state, an $88,000 grant to Glen Innes Council to build a viewing platform in a local park to perve on a disused wind turbine blade. I kid you not. The Berejiklian government reckons it’s a tourist boon for Glen Innes, with kids in the back of the car yelling out, ‘Dad, dad, we don’t want Maccas or KFC, take us to the turbine blade.’ White Rock Wind Farm offered the blade to the council in 2018 after it was damaged during construction and could no longer generate electricity.Now it’s generating a laughable waste of government money. Inevitably this brings us to Minister Kean-Green. Earlier this month, the government introduced into parliament its first major structural economic reform in response to rising levels of unemployment. Kean-Green’s Bill sought to implement a policy he had announced in November, the so-called ‘Energy Security Safeguard’. It’s a green scheme rewarding companies for installing solar storage batteries and electric vehicle charging stations around the State. It aims to ‘reduce the demand on electricity and gas’ in NSW.Yet this is the opposite of what governments need to do in a recession. We want the lights in shopping malls and industrial estates to be turned on and for cafes, restaurants, clubs and pubs to spark up their gas burners. Memo to Kean-Green: Increased energy use means extra people are being employed. Electricity consumption in NSW has already dropped by eight per cent. With its green tunnel vision, the Berejiklian government is trying to address an issue that had already addressed itself.

Our fourth nominee is from the NSW public service. It’s the Liberal party’s obsession with futile, divisive identity politics. In the lead up to February’s Sydney Gay Mardi Gras, the government junked its traditional NSW Waratah logo, rebranding buses, trucks, trains and websites with a freshly designed Rainbow Waratah. Supposedly, that’s inclusion, other than for the millions of Christians, Hindus, Muslims and conservatives in the state who reject the notion of an alphabet society. Even the NSW Treasury downed tools for a special Rainbow Cake-Cutting Ceremony. That’s bound to reassure the people queueing outside Centrelink offices. NSW Treasury wasn’t exactly ‘match ready’ to fight off a recession.  When someone said, ‘We need to grow the size of the cake,’ they thought it was a chance to break out their glitter jars and Cher CDs while cooking up more Rainbow recipes. If the formation of LGBTIWTF public service staff networks were an answer to mass unemployment, NSW would be leading the world into a new nirvana of economic recovery.

Public education is not immune to the rise of woke Liberalism. Out of 2,200 NSW government schools, just one (Marsden Road Public) has a stated objective of ‘achieving academic growth’ for its students. The rest have junked scholarship for ‘well-being’ and ‘mental health’ education, with a curriculum resembling monthly meetings of the Hare Krishna.Sixty state schools have hired ‘Grow Your Mind’ consultants, with their work sheets on ‘Animal Yoga’, ‘Shark Versus Dolphin Thinking’ and ‘Gratitude Meditation’. I’m feeling mentally ill just writing about it. Elsewhere, several NSW government schools have participated in an experiment run by a Macquarie University academic, Michelle Bishop, who insists Aboriginal history can only be taught effectively with local Indigenous people in the classroom. By this theory, Italian-Australians need to teach Roman history and the Renaissance, while Germans need to be goose-stepping their way into classrooms to give students a proper understanding of the two world wars.

Our final Wokely nominee is the State Library of NSW. In the march through institutions, even librarians have drunk the Leftie Kool-Aid. On 29 April 2020, the State Library declared, ‘On this day in 1770 the Gweagal people of Kamay discovered James Cook and the Endeavour.’ Apparently ‘Kamay’ is a name recently resurrected for Botany Bay. The library also published claims from an Aboriginal woman (alive today) that 250 years ago her grandfather was shot at Kamay by Cook. So much for concerns about below-average Indigenous life expectancy.

And now a drumroll please … The winner of this year’s NSW Wokely is … The Greens, who don’t have to do a thing in Macquarie Street, sitting back smoking their weed and watching the Liberal party do the woke work for them.

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