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Pink and blue? That’s far too simple for some

8 May 2020

3:06 PM

8 May 2020

3:06 PM

Last time I checked the number of genders available to identify as or with is currently 112. 

That’s up from 58 as identified for Facebook users in 2014 – and it might be even higher by the time you read this. 

For a business to increase its profit by more than 100 per cent in around five years, that’s pretty good going. And anything related to gender politics in the western world is big business indeed. 

Today, I write to you as a Cisgender (feeling as much a female as I did at 1 second old) Astergender (a gender that feels bright and celestial) woman but as the column continues I am holding an Affectugender (a gender affected by mood swings). 

Advocates for gender identification hold a utopian view of passports around the world with pages full of all these options allowing you to tick whatever box you feel most represents how you are feeling on any given day. 

Good luck getting into the Middle East be it for work, holiday or transit and having anything other than male or female on your passport.  Another column for another day. 

But in corporate Australia, there’s nothing quite like getting in on the act to give yourself currency in an everevolving world of gender politics. 

The majority of people struck by the Covid-19 pandemic have had a wakeup call. 

Greta is not on the front page, Extinction Rebellion is bearing a quirky resemblance to its first name and all the other irrelevant PC ideas that filled up the column centimetres have been replaced by coronavirus and how Australia and the world are going to get through it all. 

People have now realised that without economic security their world is looking very bleak and without income they’re up the creek without a paddle. 

So, suffering a little from relevance deprivation, a cause celebre of the Left has cropped up again. 

The push by some parents to erase pinks and blue from their children’s rooms is back. But wait there’s more. Retailers are selling toys and clothes in neutral colours in a push against gender stereotyping. 

Socalled experts claim the trend is part of a bigger social change towards gender inclusivity. 

Target now sells toy prams, cribs and hair chairs for dolls painted white instead of pink. 

Corporate spin doctors claim Target has received a positive response since it began stocking gender-neutral dolls from Mattel’s Creatable World range last year. 

Kmart has jumped on the same bandwagon by marketing traditional female toys including prams, miniature kitchens and vacuums to boys. 

Researchers at the University of Canberra have said stores “were responding to a customer base which increasingly viewed gender roles as fluid.” 


There has never been a reason in history as to why a boy hasn’t been able to have a vacuum or a girl have a toolkit.  

I gave my kids the real things. 

It is called parental choice. 

But the parental choice of normal people wanting to buy and have things in pink for their baby girls and blue for their baby boys is slowly being eroded away. 

We still live in a democracy but when you want to have a choice of being traditional you face discrimination. 

If someone says there are only two genders – male and female- just wait for the howl down from the Left. Like a sin has been committed. For anyone over the age of 45, that is exactly how we grew up. 

Male or female. The term intersex was used for people who were sometimes born with both male and female characteristics both physical and chromosomal. 

The only reason why toy manufacturers are seemingly anxious to introduce more gender-neutral lines to add to their market share is because the last thing any big retailer wants in this Covid-19 world is any bad social media publicity that its company is not being “inclusive or sensitive enough to a changing world.” 

Much like every company around has ‘carbon neutral’, ‘sustainability’, ‘cultural inclusivity’ tagged on every product and email footers sent to also avoid the same bad social media publicity.  

Let alone a potential lawsuit.  

It is a load of rubbish. 

There is no problem with gender stereotyping. We all know what it means. 

Stereotyping everyone and everything every day is part and parcel of human life. We judge people by the car they drive, where they live and what they do. 

That’s been a normal part of life for decades. 

But trying to control and force people to completely change what has been a normal part of life for decades smacks of socialism trying to smash families. 

Any type of families. 

Children normally have loads of opportunities to play with lots of different toys be it at daycare, creche, kindergartens and on playdates. 

They have a choice to play and pick things up. 

I never thought my primary school aged son and daughters’ toys from birth to now would be worth anything except some fun memories. 

I can see in another decade if Australia continues down this path, their toys –even pink and blue storage boxes — will be more than memories. 

They will illustrate a historical lesson for future generations that there is nothing wrong with blue and pink but what is wrong is eradicating it and trying to re-engineer life to suit a Leftist socialist agenda under the guise of a greater good. 

Illustration: Pinterest.

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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