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Sayonara, Albo

4 May 2020

5:00 AM

4 May 2020

5:00 AM

You may imagine that opposition can’t go too far wrong during this coronavirus pandemic.

The government, under pressure, is having to think on its feet, dish out a zillion dollars a minute, and has a transparent death count to manage on a daily basis.

There is no hiding.

And yet, in the midst of the madness, Anthony Albanese has emerged triumphant as an utterly ineffectual leader. 

At moments when he could have swooped in and strategically taken leverage, he’s remained silent. 

When he has spoken it’s been to quietly mutter the precise words that mainstream Australians don’t want to hear. 

It’s almost a gift to have handled this pandemic so atrociously.

When last week’s Newspoll showed that Scott Morrison had recorded the highest approval rating for a national leader since Kevin Rudd, over a decade ago, it spoke to Morrison’s successes and also to Albo’s failings.

If this current contest were a boxing match, we’d be watching a minimum weight in the ring with a heavyweight.

When you’ve taken such a smashing, it is not enough to limply whisper about “the failings of this government” as if anyone is hanging on your every word.

Even when people are locked in their own homes, they nod off when this guy steps up to the mic to speak.

When you’ve fallen behind so dramatically in the race, it’s not enough to pass a polite note across the room with recommendations.  

Step up, man. 

Speak up. 

Ironically, in the midst of all this, he tweeted, “We need people to have faith in their leaders more than ever.”

It’s as if he hasn’t noticed that people do have faith in their leaders and the results of the Newspoll had passed him by.  

The following day, Australian Labor posted, “Through every crisis, our ABC has always been there. So to the ABC and everyone who works there: thank you.”

Unless you want to remain in opposition, why on earth would you sing the praises of a broadcaster who is entirely out of touch with the mainstream population, who failed to see Morrison’s win coming?

While seeking to highlight poor or slow budgetary government spend during this crisis, do they not see the irony in singing the praises of an organisation that a centre-right government bemusingly spends $1 billion a year to churn out left-wing propaganda?

Who are you talking to? 

Who do you think is listening?

Sorry Albo, but if you emerge from this pandemic as leader of the Labor Party, it won’t be for long. 

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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