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The FBI’s tinpot sting operation

How Trump’s enemies corrupted the US legal process

16 May 2020

9:00 AM

16 May 2020

9:00 AM

If you’ve been following the latest US revelations about General Mike Flynn, ones that had to be forced out of the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, you can be forgiven for thinking that President Trump was more or less correct in saying that an attempted coup had been perpetrated against him. I’m referring to the Flynn investigation tied to the Russia collusion investigation and the FBI’s conduct in both those. Well, the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) conduct too. It is now clear from released documents made by FBI officers themselves that from the top of the FBI down – indeed starting above the head of the FBI – there was political corruption. And political corruption against an opposition campaign and new administration.  It’s close to Third World stuff, though all the usual Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd will contort themselves to pretend otherwise.

Take a look at last week’s DOJ motion applying to dismiss the case against Flynn. You may recall that General Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI very early on in the new Trump administration. This motion to dismiss that plea is full of pretty damning stuff. Sure, it’s written in careful legalese. Sure, its aim is for a very narrow purpose, to set out a ‘with prejudice’ dismissal of the charges. But even so it demonstrates the degree to which political corruption permeated the upper reaches of the FBI and hence the DOJ (which is responsible for the FBI), during the Obama administration.

At core the FBI under James Comey tried to pin some sort of Russia collusion charge on Flynn. When it became clear that there was absolutely nothing on him at all, the FBI opted to keep the file on him open. Comey, who admitted on TV he wouldn’t have done this to another administration, then sent two agents to interview Flynn (one of whom we know hated Trump because we have his tweets to his DOJ girlfriend). From records made by FBI agents themselves and just released under compulsion, we know that these agents and the FBI top brass knew there had been no offence committed by Flynn. But they sent in the two agents to try to get him to lie. About anything. No warning to Flynn that they were investigating him; told he didn’t need a lawyer; no Miranda warning. This was done under the guise of a possible Logan Act infraction, though Flynn was not told that either. And you should know that the Logan Act dates back to the late 18th century, has only ever had people charged under it twice (neither convicted) and is no doubt unconstitutional under the current First Amendment jurisprudence.

In other words, it was a sting operation against President Trump’s National Security nominee – in the full knowledge he had done nothing wrong! And they got an untruth out of Flynn on his memory of his conversation with a Russian counterpart. (Remember, there is nothing at all wrong with the incoming US security head honcho talking to a Russian counterpart.) Then the scandalous US federal criminal justice system kicked in and they charged him with lying. Flynn defended himself until he’d spent five million dollars of his own money and was basically bankrupt. Then the FBI threatened to prosecute his son on a Foreign Agent Registration Act charge, also bogus we now know. Flynn caved in and pled guilty, with the deal leaving his son alone kept secret by the FBI from the judge. Now would you plead guilty when the whole weight of the US security services is brought to bear on you? Almost everyone in the US does.

Well, a while back Flynn changed his mind and decided to fight, which is very difficult once you’ve pled guilty. He got a new lawyer. She’s been fantastic and the one who dug up these new incriminating documents that reveal what the FBI was doing. It’s scandalous, full stop.

Go back to last week’s DOJ motion to dismiss the case against Flynn. First off, it turns out that lying to the FBI requires that the statement made to them not simply be false, but be material to a matter under investigation. But there was no investigation of Flynn because they knew he’d done nothing wrong – they’d been listening into his calls under a FISA warrant, also disgracefully wrongly obtained. So no ‘materiality’, no offence. Plus, the untrue statement had to be one that would be ‘reasonably likely to influence the tribunal’. Again, not true of Flynn’s. Plus, the new investigation has concluded that the FBI  interview with Flynn had no legitimate investigative basis. Zero. Oh, and the statement Flynn made may well not even have been a lie, just an error of memory, or it might even have been true.

But here’s the big picture. Two top FBI agents knowingly go to see a top official in an incoming administration in order to trick him into making a statement that’s untrue and in the full and certain knowledge when they go that the man has done nothing illegal. So it’s a sort of sting operation. It’s worse than entrapment because entrapment involves getting someone to commit an offence. Here, there was never any substantive offence committed. And everyone in the FBI, all the Obama leftovers, knew it. President Obama may well have known it too.

This stinks to high heaven. And the Democrats and their fellow travellers in the media (and that includes our ABC), Hollywood and the universities are complicit. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome has blinded them to basic due process and fairness. The only line coming out of these people, and from former President Obama, is that innocent people don’t confess to lying. Rubbish! In tinpot dictatorships and in the US they do. Make someone bankrupt; threaten proceedings against family members; guess what? Lots of people will throw in the towel. If you can’t see the problem with this and what the FBI did then you’re a moral cripple. Full stop.  Or blinded by TDS.

Look, if a Republican President had presided over institutional corruption on this sort of scale you’d never hear the end of it from the mainstream media. But they too are compromised. They’ve turned themselves into the propaganda arm of the TDS movement.

Also to blame are plenty of Republicans. These were the equivalent of the Black Hand gang in our Coalition party room under Abbott. For the first two years of Trump’s administration the Republicans controlled the House and the Senate and some of these legislators knew about this. Where were Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell and others? More than a few Republicans look pretty pathetic now too.

Best of all there are clear signs that more revelations are to come. Each one increases the odds of Mr Trump’s re-election, whatever the hollow bleatings of those who have sold their due process souls for the possibility of their man Biden winning. Disgraceful!

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