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Today’s left: “boiling babies” and “killing men”

24 May 2020

1:00 PM

24 May 2020

1:00 PM

All around the world, far-left lunatics are losing their appeal thanks to their uncontrollable, rising hatred.  

It’s become a race to the bottom for this mob.  

The vocal far-left fringes have become utterly socially unpalatable. 

Beautifully, the winners will ultimately be the sensible centre.  

While it was once essential to maintain hold of women’s vote, sane and sensible women, will continue to walk away from the far left fringes who spout hatred in the name of “feminism”.  

Anyone sensible knows that modern feminism no longer has anything to do with equality (if indeed it ever did).  

In the last couple of days, it’s been a battle between “boiling babies” and declaring, “corona virus isn’t killing men fast enough”.  

Stateside, The Nation columnist Katha Pollitt wrote, “I would vote for Joe Biden if he boiled babies and ate them. He wasn’t my candidate, but taking back the White House is that important.”  

This is the same genius that previously wrote she would vote for the Democratic nominee even if she believed sexual assault allegations levelled against him by former staffer Tara Reade.  

The far-left feminist fringe is deranged, gross, morally repugnant and will ultimately eat its own votes as it makes the left of politics untenable.  

Pollitt responded to criticism by mocking her critics as “tender souls” who don’t appreciate “dark humour”.  

Nice try, loony 

Meanwhile, in Australia, far-left exhibitionist feminist Clementine Ford tweeted on Saturday, “Honestly, corona virus isn’t killing men fast enough.” 

The problem with modern feminism is that all it has left is to be more and more shrill about less and less. 

This is where they end up.

Wishing men dead has nothing to do with equality; and rants like this expose the façade as being nothing more than a sordid, money-grabbing push.

Tragically, coronavirus is killing more men than women – and if that were reversed, we’d be hearing a zillion left-wing voices declaring this disparity was a result of structural sexism.  

Equality is not hateful.  

Equality is not toxic. 

Equality is not misandric 

Voices of equality do not spew narcissism  

Frankly, Ford should not have received that ratepayer grant from the City of Melbourne.  

Backpedalling a day later does not excuse years of anti-male rhetoric in a climate of soaring male suicide rate.

Last week she posted a video laughing about male deaths in the workplace; men account for 95 per cent of workplace deaths.  

And that’s funny? 

This rhetoric deserves a government-funded grant?

Several folk have already piped up to say her grant should be rescinded. 

“Take this on board,” tweeted Derryn Hynch, “A woman who tweeted, ‘Honestly, the coronavirus is not killing men fast enough’ has recently been given a ratepayer-funded literary grant by the Melbourne City Council. It must be rescinded.” 

What a shame it would be if they received a flurry of complaints and she was forced to hand back every taxpayer dollar. 

Illustration: Allen & Unwin.

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