2461: Hot off?

13 June 2020

9:00 AM

13 June 2020

9:00 AM

The unclued lights (individually or four pairs) lead to a word or phrase which includes a thematic component.


1 Shetland viol berceuse regularly appearing for Zoroastrians (7)
6 New guest admitting the French Dravidian speakers (7)
11 Group of eight with leader of orchestra around court (6)
14 Audibly criticise Aubrey’s sheep run (5)
15 Online greeting accepted in City Road (5, hyphened)
16 Peg bringing cheer indoors. What a laugh (6, hyphened)
17 Slow-moving vehicle picks up pace, finally (6)
19 Red dories served as accompaniment to a meal (9, two words)
29 Most of the salt water on joint – a bit of lamb and aubergine (7)
30 Brussels fellows having fateful date with the Furies (9)
32 Hotel servant who officiates at a funeral (6)
33 Leading sawyers are spinners, it seems (6)
36 Roof worker turned back, getting fired again (5)
37 Could be Essex girl caressing hot European woman (7)
38 Forbidden guest shows signs of dandy-fever (6)
39 Daddy’s girls – seven on the South Coast (7)
40 The Spanish, cryptically, in this Shetland township (7, two words)


1 Droplet shapes having relish and spread overturned (7)
2 Number out there (5)
4 Got up, oddly brewing new foundation shade (9, two words)
5 Mystics from Cornwall and friends (6)
6 Section of race when Alistair Brownlee initially leaves muddy bridal path (8, two words)
7 One in three, ailing. But not both! (6)
8 Revised recent maps showing steep slope (10)
10 Ill-assorted, lost out, badly affected by a malign influence (7)
13 Composition by Ravel for games in Calais and around Aude (8, two words)
18 One rector always torn about being rude (10)
20 Rebuilt steamier football ground (8)
22 Without the cockpit crew and not previewed on TV (9)
23 The very best having a long time at The Feathers (8)
25 Crufts’ participants getting seconds (8)
26 Article on embargoes for old citizens (7)
27 Flatter washing item (7)
29 Victorian asylum, a place of rest, left before noon (6)

A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 29 June. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. Please note that until further notice entries should be clearly scanned or photographed and emailed (including the crossword number in the subject field) to — the dictionary prize will not be available. We will revert to postal entries after the pandemic. Please allow six weeks for prize delivery.

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