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Queensland Labor: left and lefter

29 June 2020

7:22 PM

29 June 2020

7:22 PM

Queensland’s great political double act looks set to continue right up until the state election in October of this year. Premier Anastasia Palaszczuk and her would-be political assassin, Jackie Trad, have outstanding business to resolve.

It would be a brave man who bets against Trad.

Premier Palaszczuk has made an art form out of underperforming. Much like New Zealand’s miracle-working PM, Jacinta Adern, the Queensland premier prefers demonstration of concern over action.

So far there has been no failure of her government that she hasn’t been able to furrow her brow out of. In times of crisis the Premier nods ever so gently, her studied empathy played perfectly for ABC commentary on the evening news.

There is no amount of inaction she is incapable of.

Contrasting against Palaszczuk’s timidity is Trad’s astounding body of work. She scuffs up skullduggery and scandal at every click of her jackboots. Since the very start of Palaszczuk’s surprising victory over Campbell Newman in the 2015 election, has been the driving force of Queensland Labor.

With the election now looming and the polls showing no clear favourite, these are just the circumstances Trad thrives in. Both factions within her party are nervous and Trad is still the only voice of authority many of them recognise.

Though she was relieved of her ministerial duties and set adrift on the backbenches, like Napoleon, she knows that within minutes of her return, an army will stand beside her. No doubt Palaszczuk knows this too.

It would be very surprising if, in these chilly hours and minutes of left-wing uncertainty, Trad is not negotiating a peaceful transfer of power after the election. She will offer the Premier her support and the Premier will have no option but to accept.

This election, Queenslanders are faced with the choice of two internally battling parties. In the blue corner, the leader of the LNP has been unable to remove the party’s president who sought to provoke her ousting. In the red corner, the Palaszczuk v Trad rumble continues.

The minor parties must be cheering them both on. The electorate is less enthusiastic

Illustration: jackietrad.com.au.

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