2465: Definitely amusing

11 July 2020

9:00 AM

11 July 2020

9:00 AM

Unclued lights (three of two words, two hyphened) have something in common, verifiable in Brewer.


4 Everybody agreed to close college immediately (9, three words)
11 Look into Republicans’ sentimentality (5)
12 Quickly performed the responsibility of guarding Emperor (7, hyphened)
14 Advice is rejected for ritual meal (5)
15 Elongated figure cast musket (5)
16 Irrational row: one sympathises (6)
22 Supposed evolutionary force teacher backed in series of notes (7)
24 Woman some men idealise (4)
27 Do they join torchbearers? (7)
28 Grebe’s caution, about to become too large (8)
33 South American seeds and coca regularly taken by member of large family (6)
34 Like porridge? During working, took some (5)
35 Rush along, cold and wet, riding colt (5)
38 Highly admired old boy replacing one: in regular form, stuck by the point (7)
39 In luxury car, bishop comes to prison (5)
41 Sameness, absolutely? Be frank (9, hyphened)
42 Count tenor’s corrupt profit (5)


1 Far up in school (4)
3 Greek dialect Caroline translated without note or rule (6)
4 Like seabird on the taffrail? (6)
5 House (semi) got up in blue (4)
6 Sign off on program and wander about (7)
7 Rider, perhaps, becomingly dressed without hat (5, two words)
8 In attic, ape playing with a knob (8)
13 Do drink with gunners, as earlier (7, two words)
15 Spenser’s stranger at liberty to hide names (6)
17 Commercial audience put on weight, it’s said (6)
19 Weird people finally pocket what’s left over (7)
20 In waste container throw my old hat (6)
23 Leave bad mess that can be dodged (8)
26 Cut upper face (7)
29 Question breaking obligation of secrecy, but turn informer (6)
30 Change over, grabbing one run: more ordered (6)
32 Girl say turned up holding sphere, Earth’s approximate shape (5)
36 O goodness, such a curve (4)
37 Look alluring, offering drug round university (4)

A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 27 July. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. Please note that until further notice entries should be clearly scanned or photographed and emailed (including the crossword number in the subject field) to — the dictionary prize will not be available. We will revert to postal entries in due course. Please allow six weeks for prize delivery.

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