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Activism, anxiety and anger

6 July 2020

5:00 AM

6 July 2020

5:00 AM

Fascinating research into the “Anger Activism Model” has looked at the link between people’s attitudes and their behavioural intentions.

The name “angry activist” gives a clear indication of what we’re talking about. They’re loud, fuelled by rage, speak with bluster on their chosen topic, and engage on a high energy level in the hope others find it infectious and feel inspired to join the army.  

We’ve seen it with climate marches. 

We see it with the anti-Australia rhetoric.

We hear it on the(ir) ABC from activists masquerading as journalists.  

And we see it from the loudest angry activists in Australia.  

Clementine Ford has now not tweeted in 40 days, since her COVID-19 blunder where she transferred her mood and angry activism to a newsy topic and the wheels fell off her wagon of entitlement.  

She found out that while, largely thanks to her efforts, it has become socially acceptable to run anti-male rhetoric, it’s become socially acceptable to gloat about male tears but it is not (yet) socially acceptable to transfer that narrative to a deadly pandemic. 

When she tweeted, “Honestly, corona virus isn’t killing men fast enoughon May 23, she learned that her female privilege was not limitless. There was a line, and she crossed it with that tweet. 

Over the weekend, she posted a photo of herself in a t-shirt with the slogan, “Hysterical Female” while wearing earrings with the word “Queen”.  

Floundering is the feminist who has built her brand on angry activism, crossed the line, been shunned by sane folk, and forever throttled her brand with limited appeal.

Floundering is the feminist who’s passing around the begging bowl yet again for Patreon $1 donations.  

Floundering is the feminist who’s built a brand on angry activism but wishes to speak about her battle with “anxiety”.

Floundering is the angry activist with anxiety (which is actually a screaming conscience buried deep).    

Meanwhile, Clem’s pals the Mad F–king Witches are also seeking to expand their brand of angry activism. But, you see, the problem with anger is that it does not sit parallel to clear decision-making and they too are floundering.  

With Alan Jones gone from 2GB, their broomsticks are whizzing around the globe in confusion. They cannot decide whether to pursue Andrew Bolt, #NewsCorpse, Rupert Murdoch, all so-called #StatusBro men (any successful male), misogyny, Channel 9, Peta Credlin, #ScottyFromMarketing

The list, unlike Clem’s brand, is limitless.

Floundering is the pack of Mad Witches who have built a following on angry activism, but realise that they hate the whole entire world because their problem is actually in the mirror.

Floundering are the witches with anxiety.  

And they too are asking for dollar donations so blinded with rage they cannot see the irony in asking for money to tear down capitalism.

How are these witches to donate if they do not work in this evil capitalist world? 

You see, angry activism may be full of bluster; it may sound strong and convincing. But, scratch a little deeper and you’ll see that it does not actually make any sense because anger lives in their hearts, and their causes are just a distraction from doing the real work.  

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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