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Minitrue revisited

‘Flattening the curve’ gets ‘homogenised’ into ‘eradication’

18 July 2020

9:00 AM

18 July 2020

9:00 AM

Australians have never agreed to have the latest far-left foreign dogma apply here, to hand over premium and strategic assets to foreign communist-front entities or to have their country held back from achieving its true potential.

Without our blessing, the politicians have signed what Terry McCrann and Alan Jones slammed as a ‘national suicide note’. This has made our once cheap energy both unreliable and the most expensive in the world. To justify this, the elites are doing what Winston Smith was employed to do at Orwell’s 1984 Ministry of Truth, known as Minitrue. Temperature records are being changed, or rather, ‘homogenised’.

Fortunately, truth-tellers Jennifer Marohasy and Craig Kelly have just proved that despite information being suppressed, the hottest day ever officially recorded in Australia was 51.7 degrees Celsius (125F) at Bourke, NSW on 3 January, 1909 .

Tony Abbott was setting up an inquiry into homogenisation when he was overthrown, with the unsurprising result that under the Turnbull government, the inquiry was still-born.

The Left hates the truth as leftist Michael Moore found when he dared film an exposé on global warming, removed from YouTube but now on unknown platform Bitchute. Environmentalist and global warming believer, Michael Shellenberger, is being attacked for apologising for his silence during climate change hysteria. Exposing renewables, he points out that the share of the world’s energy from subsidised sun and wind in 2018 was a mere 3 per cent. For the US to be powered from this, necessary battery storage costs would be more than the GDP.

Nevertheless, the NSW Coalition government is unveiling ‘Renewable Energy Zones’ with Energy Minister Matt Kean, who blamed the bushfires on global warming rather than the fuel load in his mismanaged National Parks.

He says the level of interest is  ‘astounding’. No wonder. With the massive subsidies handed out to foreign (including communist) ‘investors’, they would be stupid not to be interested.  Politicians, banks and other elites have  declared themselves in favour of renewables, demonising coal and hoping the media won’t expose them by pointing out  coal-fired power stations using high-quality Australian coal are being built across the world because everyone knows solar and wind cannot compete.

As Peter Wormald told the Sydney Daily Telegraph, hundreds and hundreds of hectares of prime agricultural grain-growing land are being replaced by disgusting examples of ‘visual pollution’; windmills with a life span of only about fifteen years. He asks three vital questions. How will these eyesores be demolished and disposed of? Will we eventually have to import ‘grains along with container tankers of milk’? And, instead of subsidies why don’t politicians just spend the estimated one-off two billion dollars for a baseload power station?

Meanwhile, governments must deal with both the predictable and the unpredictable. The surprise of the year, the Wuhan pandemic, was made significantly worse by the deceit of what Paul Keating calls ‘the best government in the world in the last thirty years’, the Chinese communist party. While most elites do not go that far, at least in public, they have long ignored the criminal and genocidal excesses of and the inherent hostility to the free world of that regime.

A crucial fact now ignored or played down by politicians and mainstream media is that while influenza results annually in about 60 to 120 deaths per million in Australia, the Wuhan virus rate is about 4. This could have been reduced by over 10 times had the politicians applied worlds’ best practice and, as Rebecca Weisser reported here, through following President Trump’s suggestion, given readily available hydroxychloroquine, shown to massively reduce the death rate.

So why are politicians and the media trying to stir up a panic about new outbreaks, rather than stressing the more relevant death rate?

Did they ignore world’s best practice from Taiwan not to offend Beijing? Or is it that the respected Mises Institute and others are reporting mounting solid evidence that lockdowns do not work? Or is it that the lockdowns of small business are being increasingly seen as inconsistent with the annoying mantra ‘We’re all in this together’? This is not only because of the double standard shown to Black Lives Matter demonstrators, but the exemption of politicians and the non-essential public sector. Recently warning people not to overcrowd trains, the NSW Minister for Transport declared he would wait for the next train. With an on-call chauffeured car?

And while the stated purpose of the lockdown was never eradication, why is eradication being argued now? And why are the media letting them get away with it?

The purpose of the lockdowns was ‘to flatten the curve’. This was to allow the hospitals to cope with the massive number of seriously ill predicted by the modelling the politicians naively accepted, so large they banned elective surgery .

‘Flattening the curve’ has been homogenised at the Ministry of Truth into ‘eradication’, with the politicians hoping you have not noticed. Another indication they take the public for idiots.

At the time of writing, there are 13 Wuhan virus cases in intensive care in Australia, 12 of which are in Victoria. Yet, having extracted herself from the Powerhouse scandal which could have brought her down, the NSW Premier is pointlessly frightening people with talk of new lockdowns.

Without in any way minimising the seriousness of the virus, the politicians’ important roles in handling this were to control entry, including quarantines, as well as looking after the vulnerable. They failed on both, pretending that a death rate lower than Europe’s was the result of their endeavours rather than our remote island status.

When a pandemic comes again, as it will, it could well be far more dangerous, endangering the lives of all affected, with regard neither to age nor existing health.

We should be prepared for this eventuality, as Taiwan was and as Tony Abbott started to do when he was health minister.

The first step will be a great act of contrition by the politicians.

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