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Their ABC’s war on competition

27 July 2020

5:00 AM

27 July 2020

5:00 AM

The(ir) ABC is like a greedy, selfish child who sits in the midst of a huge pile of toys refusing to share even one tiny truck. 

This is an organisation which sucks up $1.1 billion in government funding every single year but appears to believe that no other media organisation should be given even one.  

Barrie Cassidy, he who presented Insiders for 100 years and is currently back presenting a taxpayer-funded special tweeted, “Congratulations to Newscorp for securing $10m from the government I know many of you worked very hard for it.” 

The bitter dinosaur is referring to the Morrison government giving funds to Foxtel to boost women’s sport.  

“Handout brings to $40m the amount Murdoch’s subscription service has received since 2017, and comes as government slashes ABC funding by $84m,” screeched The Guardian who was wide-eyed and incandescent about any dollars finding their way into the hands of evil Murdoch.  

Greens chief clown Sarah Hanson-Young said any government support for women’s support should be going to the public broadcasters. “Giving tens of millions to Fox Sports while cutting funding to the ABC really is the height of ignorance,” she said.  

Hey, Hanson-Young, I’ll tell you what is the “height of ignorance” – perpetuating the myth that a freeze on funding equals cuts.  

The fact that the(ir) ABC can’t manage money and has had to cut 250 staff in a woe is me attempt to publically shame the government into handing over more funding is not the taxpayer’s problem.  

Indeed, their “You’ll be sorry when I’m gone” cut off their nose to spite their face threats to axe the main 7.45 am news bulletins indicate the(ir) ABC has problems that extend well past budgeting.

The minister for communications, cyber safety and the arts Paul Fletcher didn’t need to explain the funding decision, but he chose to, saying, “With six dedicated sports channels and a wide range of sports news, Fox Sports has a strong commitment to broadcasting sports and events that may not otherwise receive television coverage.” 

Green-left activists screech about the(ir) ABC giving a platform to anyone who isn’t dwelling on the far-left fringes. 

The same activists are constantly shrilling about the evils of the Murdoch media empire.  

Cassidy’s swipe at Foxtel is transparent, childish and, once again, shines a light on the rancid left-leaning activists who have infiltrated our political-media class.  

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Got something to add? Join the discussion and comment below.

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