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Why won’t Professor PVO watch Deplorable TV?

7 July 2020

11:30 AM

7 July 2020

11:30 AM

There is one thing that Professor Peter Van Onselen constantly gets right – and that’s getting things wrong.  

If there’s an election, he’ll pick the losing side.  

Every. Single. Time.  

He’s reliable like that. 

And now, we know why 

Yesterday, when social media was ablaze with outrage over One Nation leader Pauline Hanson’s comments and subsequent booting from Channel Nine, the Twittersphere would have you believe she is the devil in an orange wig.  

The Twitterati echo chamber is an extension of the(ir) ABC’s left-wing playground – and PVO helpfully revealed why he’s so out of touch with mainstream Australians.  

Posting about Alan Jones’ debut of his new show on Sky, PVO wrote, “His [Jones] first guest tonight is Mark Latham. Will be interesting to see what they say about the Today show banning Pauline Hanson. I don’t have Foxtel to watch for myself, but I’m still curious to find out.” 


A leading political commentator in Australia, a regular columnist with The Australian, an academic and supposed political expert with panel spots on Channel Ten and our national broadcaster — and former Sky host, to boot — doesn’t watch any Sky analysis?  

He doesn’t listen to any Sky commentary? 

He has nothing to learn from Peta Credlin, cares zip for Andrew Bolt and is in bed before Paul Murray? 

How on earth can someone pretend to be a political expert and not, if only for the purpose of rage-watching or research, be all over this? 

Any professional journalist should be all over a whole range of commentators, absorbing, digesting and challenging their own beliefs and analysis.

The fact that he’s not explains why he can be relied on for one thing and one thing only – getting it all horribly, left-wing blinkered, ridiculously elitist, embarrassingly wrong.  

If he had watched Jones’ first show he would know that Latham was on to discuss real issues like our floundering education system, cultural Marxism, post-modernism, question the motives of Black Lives Matter movement, political correctness and cancel culture.  

But hey, when you’re bankrolled by the Australian taxpayer, why on earth would you take the time to understand the whole picture?  

Illustration: Sky News Australia.

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