The Democrats want a Cold War, but will they get a civil war?

10 August 2020

1:18 AM

10 August 2020

1:18 AM

With the Swamp lovingly tended under the Obama/Biden administration, the Democrats sense a chance to end President Trump and carry on with the next phase of their old but Cold War. The objective is the same: the overthrow of the United States government by coup. The methods are the same: propaganda, fomenting rioting and violence, arming and supplying proxy paramilitary wings, ‘harvesting’ votes, and deploying false prosecutions and tampering with the courts.

Farcically, Soviet octogenarians are reprised by the Democratic octogenarians who are now running the ghost candidacy of a manipulated Biden, the Yuri Andropov of our times. Biden came full cycle, from unmasking Gen. Flynn to helping snare him in charges designed to aid in a coup against the government. Though the Flynn case is now discredited, Biden’s role in it remains potentially explosive in the final and crucial months of the election an election designed by Democrats and their media chorus to finish off the coup.

How did we get here from there?

On April 11, 1945, the Allies stood on the west side of the Elbe. Stalin had already shown his designs for Western Europe, and Churchill had advised Eisenhower that he meet the advancing Red Army as far east as practicable. FDR died the next day. As Eisenhower waited, Zhukov’s forces hammered through Berlin and met Eisenhower on May 7, 1945. Had he advanced, Ike probably could have beaten Zhukov to Berlin. Omar Bradley later termed it ‘naive’ to cede Berlin to the Russians. Churchill’s fury caused Ike to allow Montgomery’s British forces in the northern sector to advance as far east as Lubeck and Rostock, thus cutting off the Jutland Peninsula and preventing Stalin from going into Denmark.

The Cold War had now kicked off. In western Europe, Moscow-controlled communist parties flourished at once, directed and financed by the KGB in France, Italy and of course both East and West Germany. Meanwhile, there was much sympathy for the USSR of ‘Uncle Joe’ in America, and an actual Communist Party USA which also took orders from Moscow. Even before World War Two, it had been a Soviet objective to infiltrate American institutions. They did achieve a toehold: penetrating American nuclear research (the Rosenbergs) and the motion picture industry (the Hollywood 10), and gaining influence at the State Department (Alger Hiss) and even over high political office (Henry Wallace, whom FDR replaced with Harry Truman on the cusp of the Cold War as his fourth-term running mate).

Notwithstanding the excesses of HUAC and Joe McCarthy in trampling due process while hunting the domestic Red Menace, our Bill of Rights and free press guaranteed a national equivalent to Britain’s Hyde Park Corner. By the time Jimmy Carter became President we were suffering from ‘malaise’ and it that it was hence ‘better to be Red than dead’. The Reagan ascendancy shattered the malaise and the Soviet Union, raising America to unchallenged pre-eminence.

Reagan was followed by four feckless presidencies. All four neglected and indebted our citizenry as they fought and lost senseless wars under the guise of ‘exporting democracy’ to various satrapies where it could be picked up off the street like a harlot by any thug with a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

While we exported democracy abroad, the strain of socialism was left to infect our schools. These churned out the journalists, lawyers and celebrities who today dominate the Democratic party and the media. Notwithstanding the failure of a manufactured Special Counsel investigation of non-existent ‘collusion’ by Trump with Russia; two failed faux impeachments; nonstop collaboration through leaks by elected Democratic officials such as Adam Schiff and Biden himself; not forgetting media sheets like the New York Times and sound trucks like CNN, Trump is still upright and going right up in polls that matter.

What to do? First, spread fear Trump won’t leave if defeated and that the military will have to evict him. Of course, this neat little projection is meant to mask the formation of the shamelessly named ‘Transition Integrity Project’ (TIP), pulled together by a Georgetown law professor, Rosa Brooks, and an inevitable ‘think-tanker’ Nils Gilman. Dredging the Swamp, they recruited 100 anonymous bi- partisan anti-Trump denizens, some of whom are now identified. Along with the usual names like Podesta, we see disgruntled neocons like Max Boot and Bill Kristol, both of them unable to breathe without wheezing unless there is a war or two to offload ‘democracy’ on dictators. So the old-new Cold War gambit is in place to continue upon Trump’s re-election. To slightly alter Clausewitz, ‘Cold War is an extension of politics by other means.’

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