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An extraordinary shutdown demands an extraordinary reopening

24 September 2020

5:00 AM

24 September 2020

5:00 AM

An extraordinary shutdown needs an extraordinary reopening. Australia’s only hope for economic and social recovery from the devastating effects of the various state government shutdowns is for the federal government to become the most ‘pro-work’ government in history.

The key message for Australian workers and business owners waiting for ‘things to get back to normal’ is that there is no normal to get back to. The impact of Australia’s record debt is almost inestimable.

Every business in Australia could be reopened, every state government restriction removed and every border blockade bulldozed and none of it will affect our debt levels. The way we did things in the ‘pre-COVID’ era will not be good enough in the ‘post-shutdown’ era.

Change is upon us and it is vital that Australians understand the two paths it now faces: slowly return to how things were and we will surely sink or rewrite the book on government interference in the private sector and we will just as surely prosper.

The Morrison Government can become the pro-work government we need. By removing the roadblocks to people finding fulfilment in their work and by striking hard against every Leftist instinct to handcuff Adam Smith’s ‘invisible hand’, Australia can get out of this mess.

Government intervention has proven itself, over long millennia, to be the least successful means of bringing about long term, successful change in a society. The key to changing the world for the better has always been empowering decisions made in the home and allowing the will, aspirations and determination of mums and dads to give their kids a better life than they had.

Australia’s recovery will not be driven by political leadership but by the accumulated unshackling of thousands of household budgets. The theme of Morrison’s government must now be ‘to seek, to strive and to get out of the way’.

Rather than speak of fast-tracking projects, which implies avoiding legislative restrictions, the government needs to report on actual removal of red tape. Rather than turn our attention to subsidies, the government needs to introduce useful tax reductions. Rather than promoting environmental protection, the government needs to bring the debate to the wise use of the nation’s resources.

Australia has never been short of people who are willing to fight for a better life for themselves and their family. Once again it is time to put our faith in the fighting spirit and put the future of Australia in Australian’s hands.

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