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Clem and Yassmin’s dream date

20 September 2020

5:38 PM

20 September 2020

5:38 PM

What happens when two extremist exhibitionist feminists and professional victims sit down at a mic?

It may sound like the beginning of a joke – and that’s okay because it is, of sorts. 

Over the weekend, old mate Clementine Ford treated her fans to a podcast with another old mate we thought we’d seen the back of, Yassmin Abdel-Magied. 

The “Big Sister Hotline” droned on for 1hr and 14 whole minutes featuring two far-left clowns juggling “Australian racism”, “Islamophobia” and “misogyny” in their wannabe faux-English accents.  

It delivered everything you would hope. 

The tiny violins were playing. 

The call to activist arms was out.  

Plus, the poor us victimhood made an appearance. 

“The thing that we have to overcome first is ourselves and the fear that we have of being brave,” Yassmin said. “I’m still terrified, I’m always terrified – but I do it anyway. You can bet your bottom dollar Clem [awwww, how cute] that there are people listening to this podcast who are out here to get us both, right? And yet we find ways to speak. I know that people sit on my Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and wait for things that are controversial enough so that they can write a headline about it. People are out here waiting to see you fall, but do it anyway. Really! Like, just take one step, just try one thing and you’ll find that over time it gets easier.” 

She continued, “My life was destroyed in my mid-twenties and somehow, instead of going back to a quiet life, I’m still out here trying to fight for this justice thing.” 

Okay, stop those violins.  


“My life was destroyed”, says the far-left activist who went on to pocket a $20,000 grant by Australian Council for the Arts?

“My life was destroyed”, says the extremist who scored a six-month residency at a Paris artists’ studio? 

“My life was destroyed”, says the disrespectful muppet who is now flogging products and companies as a social media “influencer”? 

Spare us.  

Who wants to explain to either of these hatemongers that being scrutinised for foul tirades is called accountability?  

And who would like to inform these two over-privileged, divisive, loathsome bores that the reason they are watched is not their gender or their skin colour – it’s simply because of the hateful identity political froth that drips from their leaky mouths. 

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