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Enthusiasm, the winning ingredient

It’s the most important election for Australia, too

5 September 2020

9:00 AM

5 September 2020

9:00 AM

There could not be a clearer choice in the US presidential election. Since the settlement, we Australians have lived in a world led from the heart of the Anglosphere, with all of the great political and economic advantages our civilisation has so bountifully ensured.

For us, remote and alone in the South Seas, this election is as crucial as would have been the contest imagined by Philip Roth in The Plot Against America where Franklin D. Roosevelt is defeated by ultra-isolationist Charles Lindbergh.

This presidential election will determine nothing less than whether the world will continue to be led by that great and benevolent power, the United States.

With Biden/Harris, the United States is doomed to revert to the managed decline both of its economy and its armed forces, the very hallmark of the Obama presidency.

The result will be as Obama-Biden planned. The Beijing dictatorship will take America’s place as the dominant world power.

But in addition, the disorder and continuous insurrection by anarchist and communist led factions, at best tolerated by the Democrats and now a feature of Democrat-governed cities and states, will continue.

As Mrs Obama threatened at the Democrat Convention: ‘If you think things can possibly get worse, trust me, they can, and they will…’.

And if anyone were naive enough to think communist allies can be turned on and off as if they were an electricity light switch, they should undertake an historical study of what Churchill named a bacillus. It is only now that it is dawning on some Democrats that they are losing votes over this, as they also must when Biden is finally exposed to the election debates. No wonder Mrs Pelosi has made it her mission to kill them off, however implausible her reason. Nor will unions conduct a ‘massive operation’ to get the Democrat vote out, as imagined by former Australian Senator Graham Richardson. The blue-collar vote is now Trump’s—he delivers.

To repeat, the managed decline of America remains the central theme of the Obama-Biden agenda. Unsurprisingly, when Trump in 2016 promised to restore manufacturing and build the GDP up to 4 per cent, Obama dismissed this as impossible. Do you have some ‘magic wand’, he asked.

Reversed so quickly and in all directions by Trump, managed decline lingers on in the minds of those behind the Biden-Harris campaign and in the Democratic party captured by dangerous alien interests and absolutely unrelated to the party led by Presidents Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy.

Trump’s warning is precise and accurate, but it is also blood-curdling: ‘Joe Biden’s agenda is made in China. My agenda is made in the USA.’

An outsider, Trump has proved the most successful president since Ronald Reagan. At Gettysburg in 2016, he produced policies which were then and are still today outstanding. So much so I wrote two pieces on this for the Telegraph, which of course attracted outrage. Under the banner of making America great again, Trump’s programme was to return manufacturing, reduce both taxes and regulation, make energy abundant, stop unfair trade and intellectual property theft, appoint judges who are not activists, ensure allies contribute and to make the armed forces more powerful but not so easily engaged in pointless land wars.

What is extraordinary is that against enormous obstacles he delivered much more than those from the swamp even try to do.

Few people could have stood up, as Trump has, to the constant onslaught which ranged from criminal breaches of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to attempting a never-ending attempted coup to stop and then to reverse his 2016 election.

Add to this the farrago of lies, libels, deceits and mendacities daily launched at him by the Democrats’ propaganda arm, the mainstream media.

In the face of all this, Trump has demonstrated that he is endowed with the same qualities the great Nelson demonstrated at Trafalgar—superior strategy, innovative tactics and bold leadership.

It is not surprising then that he has in abundance a key ingredient totally absent from Biden’s campaign. If neither side has it, as was obvious in the Australian Morrison-Shorten election, it doesn’t matter. But if only one side has this, they have a signal advantage.

I realised this in the 1999 No Republic campaign where we had neither money, nor political parties, nor media. But we had supporters with that ingredient, enthusiasm – in abundance. When Bob Carr seized Sydney’s Government House, ACM filled Macquarie Street with 20,000 very peaceful protesters. But when the republicans called, with daily media support, a mass demonstration just before the vote, nobody came. Why? As Turnbull admitted, nobody was interested. And while ACM had over 55,000 enthusiastic foot soldiers, the ARM had to rely on unenthused union/ALP conscripts.

Trump’s supporters give him an enthusiasm which Biden can only dream of. The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express Poll asked voters ‘Are you strongly or very enthusiastic about your choice of candidate?’. 82 per cent of Trump voters replied affirmatively. Only 40 per cent of Biden voters did.

Without compulsory voting, enthusiasm remains the key to getting out the vote.

That is why the Democrats are wanting voting by mail which, without rigorous controls, is open to fraud. As a practical matter, the effect of fraud must be limited to the ’Battleground ’ states. And as for polling, the incidence of the ‘shy Trump’ supporter who will not reveal voting intentions is sure to have significantly increased with the Democrat tolerated violence. Rasmussen, one of the best pollsters in 2016, is 47:46 in favour of Biden. The Democracy Institute/Sunday Express Poll finds Trump leading in the Battleground states – 49:42.

Since then we have seen a superb Republican Convention and Trump’s speech which I thought, despite reservations by some Fox commentators, just right. These will no doubt drive up his support and lead him on to victory.

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