Jussie Smollett, reigning queen of the gaslight

17 September 2020

3:01 AM

17 September 2020

3:01 AM

MAGA country’s most famous resident wants his C-list career back. And some of the most despicable cretins on the left have stepped up to help him.

Perhaps you didn’t catch the news last week; that alone is telling. Muslim activist Linda Sarsour co-signed, along with other left-wing agitators, an open letter accusing the Chicago Police Department of fabricating charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett after Smollett staged a hate crime against himself in 2019.

The letter was also signed by longtime Communist party member Angela Davis and actor Danny Glover (who apparently isn’t ‘too old for this shit’.) It charged the Chicago police of a ‘relentless and vicious smear campaign’ against the unemployed actor, suggesting police hid and fabricated evidence in the Smollett case. The letter also incriminated the media for ‘uncritically’ disseminating the cops’ conspiracy plot against Smollett.

Even Smollett-sympathizers in media — who, at least here on planet Earth, were the only ones uncritically disseminating information during that time, namely, Smollett’s obscenely stupid tall tale about being attacked by men in MAGA hats on an arctic night in downtown Chicago — haven’t been too keen to get the actor’s back this time. The letter in the Grio has largely floated under their radar.

The Smollett affair shed light not only on the evils and fragility of the left’s race game, but the flippancy with which they wield their own corruption, particularly in Chicago, America’s most steadfast Democrat stronghold. It’s believed the decision to let Smollett off the hook, despite a 16-count grand jury indictment in March 2019, came all the way from former First Lady Michelle Obama. The donkey’s smirk was insidious as Jussie skipped out of the courthouse a free man. What are you going to do about it, Democrats seemed to say, time to move on now.

But law enforcement in Chicago weren’t ready to forget how they, taxpayers and the American public were used and abused by a snot-nosed brat who wanted a pay rise and some headlines and whose ego nearly started a race war in the process. In February this year, a grand jury returned another six-count indictment against Smollett.

Enter Sarsour and co, launching a coordinated poison gaslight attack against any American with an iota of critical thinking skills. In lockstep with the Sarsour letter, Smollett now maintains he was ‘set up’ by the Chicago police. Sure, Juicy.

One of three things appears to be happening here. The left may actually believe that America is as gullible as Rose from The Golden Girls, in order to swallow this crap. Or, they’ve gone into full rabid-dog hysteria, psychotically biting and kicking in all directions, raging against that dying of the light as they watch Obama’s socialist promise drift further away into the abyss. Or, lastly and most malevolently, they are intentionally trying to throw the election by being as obnoxious and insufferable as possible.

The ascension of Joe Biden to the head of the party, with the unbearable Kamala Harris as his deputy, would certainly suggest that. As would the enduring and complicit endorsements of antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the riots by mainstream media and Democratic leaders.

Perhaps there is more political power to be gained in contesting the election, which they already plan to do, than actually attempting to win it. This is, after all, a party that has moved from a platform of simply larger social programs to the complete destruction of Western society, from the ground — burning and laid to waste already — up, to the very system in which we elect our leaders.

Chaos, confusion, and lizard-brained panic is the game plan now. So why not, say the agents of destruction, try to reclaim one of our most embarrassing failures — the incompetent Jussie Smollett’s bumbled hate crime.


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