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Poor old Daniel Andrews. He’s also had his life ruined by the Victorian Premier

7 September 2020

7:08 PM

7 September 2020

7:08 PM

Daniel Andrews revealed at the weekend that he has not seen his mother since Christmas and so is in the same situation as every other Victorian.  In other words, he too is having his life ruined by the State Premier.

“None of us have had visitors for a very long time and it is tough, it is really, really tough,” Daniel Andrews told reporters.

“It was my mum’s birthday recently. I haven’t seen her since Christmas.”

News Corp journalist Alex Turner-Cohen described the revelation as “a heartbreaking moment”.

And who wouldn’t have been moved by the story of yet another Victorian whose life has been made a living hell by the ineptitude of the State Premier?

I needed to get tissues to wipe away the tears running down my cheeks as I read about the “personal toll” the lockdown was taking on Daniel Andrews.

But it was already 7.49 pm and there was no chance I would have been able to get to the corner store and back with tissues before the  curfew imposed by the same Premier whose lockdown was making life so tough for Daniel Andrews.

And besides, even if I could have gotten back before the Premier’s deadline, I had already used the one visit to the shops per day that the Premier permits Victorians.

I couldn’t help but think how Daniel Andrews would have been able to see his mum if it wasn’t for thes Premier stuffing up Victoria’s hotel quarantine system. The Premier has a lot to answer for.

But Daniel Andrews, like every other Victorian, was stoic.

He insisted he was “like lots of other families” and insisted on “no special pleadings from me”.

Unable to see his mum, he is forced to continue working at this $440,000 a year job until the Premier eases restrictions and allows Victorians just like him to get back to normal.

Daniel Andrews can see his mum just as soon as the Premier decides to make it legal to see his mum. Just like the rest of us can see our mums anytime the Premier decides to make it legal to see our mums. We really are all in this together.

Of course, Daniel Andrews is the Premier making all the rules. So his lament about not having seen his mum because of ridiculous rules he himself has imposed upon the State is a classic case of  “boo – do you really think we care – hoo”.

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