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Proved again: the(ir) ABC couldn’t be more out of touch

28 September 2020

2:27 PM

28 September 2020

2:27 PM

Ask anyone sane: there is absolutely no doubt that that episode of ABC’s Q&A was outrageous and unacceptable.

You know, the one where a panel of angry extremist feminists condoned violence? 

Remember, the one where Egyptian-US journalist Mona Elahawy asked, “How many rapists must we kill until men stop raping us?”

Eltahawy speaks about using “justifiable violence” against men under the mythical, righteous challenge of dismantling the “patriarchy”.  

In her book, ‘The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls’, she attempts to assert that being civil, respectful and polite are “ineffective”.  

In 2012 she confessed that she beat up a man who tried to grope her in a Montreal nightclub.  

She claims, “Being a woman anywhere is dangerous”.

Extremist, much? 

Ita Buttrose swiftly stepped in at the time to remove the episode of Q&A from iview 

Now media regulator ACMA has found that the episode did not breach any ABC standards, there’s a push to have the episode reinstated.

A push by pigheaded presenters who like taxpayer funds flowing into their bank accounts, but do not like being told they are out of line.

ABC’s Radio National breakfast’s Fran Kelly is spearheading the drive. 

“Yes, I think the show should be on the website, because as a matter of… freedom of speech… the public broadcaster should stand by its programs, she told The Australian’s Media Diary. 

Apparently, she’s completely missed the point that the discussion should never have been approved in the first place. 

And, apparently, she’s also missed the left’s successful march through institutions, including our national broadcaster, which has morphed into an extremist activist mouthpiece?

Last November, Kelly admitted that she should have done more to challenge the suggestion from the panel that killing men is the answer to violence against women.

Executive producer of the episode Peter McEvoy tweeted a “broadside to @ABCTV for not reinstating the episode “even after it was cleared by ACMA.”

The fact that ACMA cleared this episode says more about the political leanings of that organisation, than it does justify the(ir) ABC’s decision to broadcast this outrageous panel discussion. 

The fact that ABC presenters are now seeking to have the episode reinstated to iView shows, yet again, that they’re perfectly happy to endorse “hate speech” when it suits and their impossibly huge egos reject any notion of editorial direction.

One more time, violence is never acceptable, despite your cause. Equality will ever be achieved by beating people up.  

Well, ACMA may have cleared the episode, but the Australian mainstream public have not.  

Who is the(ir) ABC really there to serve with their $1.1 billion annual funding 


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