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Sweden’s success mocks our folly

20 September 2020

11:09 AM

20 September 2020

11:09 AM

Sweden matters. It sits there like a thousand-foot skyscraper in the middle of a medieval town, casting awkward shadows over the collapsing ruins. 

While its European neighbours mocked, bullied, harassed, and threatened Sweden over their treatment of COVID, its politicians remained stoic. 

The approach was simple: shit happens. Keep calm and carry on. 

Scourges come from everywhere on a planet constantly trying to kill us. This time it crawled out of a dodgy viral lab in Wuhan, aided and abetted by the CCP who leant on the World Health Organisation (also known as the softest frond in the United Nations), to keep it all hush-hush long enough to mutate from a regional accident into a global disaster. 

Shadowy origins do not serve as an excuse for the reaction of naive, trigger happy leaders who can’t seem to tell the difference between a cough and the bubonic plague. Australia has just about lost patience with pious premiers and sycophantic medical experts overdosed on power, wandering from camera to camera, drunk on the bright lights of captive fame. 

While our priests of the apocalypse babble, Sweden flatlines. Their deaths sit between 0-3 every single day with open borders, no masks, kids at school, and a recovering economy. As the only nation on Earth to correctly define a pandemic wave – they now wave at us from their ivory tower while our premiers stumble around our enclosures like inexperienced zookeepers, accidentally killing all the animals with kindness. 

Sure, they’re raging socialists, but Sweden’s success mocks our folly. 

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