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Victoria Police, RUOK?

11 September 2020

11:24 AM

11 September 2020

11:24 AM

Victoria Police – not content with their heavy handed enforcement of Covid-19 restrictions – are now trolling the public on twitter.

How else to interpret this official Victoria Police tweet yesterday?



Victorians are being imprisoned in their own homes. They are subject to a strict curfew. A pregnant woman is handcuffed and arrested for posting wrongthink on Facebook. Grannies are threatened for sitting on public benches.

 And police have the nerve to ask R U OK?

How supremely confident must police be feeling to post “R U OK” on the same day that officers were filmed harassing a 38-weeks pregnant woman for the crime of resting in a park.

Talk about not reading the room.

Of course, Victorians are not OK. But what are Victorians going to do? Sit on a park bench? They’ll be harassed. Visit a friend? They’ll be arrested. Go for a drive? They’ll be stopped. Communicate with friends on Facebook? They’ll be raided.

And what if someone is not ok? Will 10 armed officers suddenly appear out of nowhere – like they do if you’re not wearing a mask?

Are you even allowed to not be OK in Victoria these days?

No-one would now be surprised if R U OK Day was enforced by Victorian Police as U R OK OR ELSE WE’RE COMING FOR YOU Day!

The Victoria Police tweet recommends that we “start conversations with people who may be struggling”.

Is that what Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius was doing two weeks ago when he said people who didn’t agree with the government’s agenda were “batshit crazy”?  

Oh, but aside from being batshit crazy, R U OK?

Victoria Police tweet that Victorians need to “meaningfully connect with the people around them”, all the while issuing fines to Victorians who connect with people around them.

I saw two elderly ladies trying to have a ‘meaningful connection’ in a park. They were promptly surrounded by five police officers and threatened with arrest.  One of the ladies had her phone snatched from behind. It’s frightening that Victorian police R OK with that!

But don’t mind how they police. Look at how they Tweet.

Living in an authoritarian police state is not great for one’s mental health to begin with. But when police start gaslighting the public with tweets like this, you start to wonder if there is a deliberate effort to increase anxiety. 

Victorians will be OK when the police stop acting as a politically driven ideological enforcement unit and go back to working for the interests of the people.

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