Dear Democrats, pack the court and nuke the filibuster. I dare you

28 October 2020

5:49 AM

28 October 2020

5:49 AM

In the end, there was nothing the protesting left, the heavily slanted progressive media or the Democratic party could do. Amy Coney Barrett is now a Supreme Court justice. Cable news voices like Jake Tapper were left aghast that she dared to attend her swearing-in ceremony at the White House. That was it.

Going forward, we are left with a litany of threats about court packing (legislatively expanding the amount of seats on the Supreme Court) and ending the legislative filibuster. The latter would allow Democrats to pass a radical agenda, which includes statehood for Washington DC and Puerto Rico, a Green New Deal to end fossil fuels and whatever other fanatical ideas have been floating around in progressive circles. These ideas are intended as a warning to the Republicans who are simply executing their constitutional right given to them by the voters. If there’s anything the Democrats have been good at in recent history, it’s playing the short game.

The Democrats jammed through a landmark healthcare bill stuffed full of false promises and Lies of the Year and they’re still paying dearly for it. If then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid didn’t heroically nuke the filibuster in 2013 (an act for which he was roundly praised by the media), we wouldn’t even be having the discussion about Amy Coney Barrett today. So fire away, Democrats. You should consider doing all of those things on the roster handed to you by MSNBC, Pod Save America and all the other commentators who led the country down the path to Donald Trump in the first place. Go ahead. Do it.

Because true to form, they haven’t thought much of this through long-term. For example, Democrats caterwauling that Roe v. Wade will be overturned and tossed out haven’t considered that the ruling will no longer be necessary, when a Republican-held Congress passes a national abortion ban with 51 votes. It wouldn’t happen tomorrow or next year but it would happen.

So the Democrats are free to leap at the whims of feverish pundits and fringe members of their party. But is there a threat they can make that won’t be returned in kind? Or, as the last six years have shown, returned tenfold? I don’t think so. So have at it.The alternative is to step back and take a breath, knowing that in 10 days there could be a President-Elect Joe Biden and the possibility of one or two justices retiring from the court in his term.

Biden has campaigned as a ‘return to normalcy’ candidate, the man who will bring the boiling back down to a simmer. Many on the right, myself included, wonder if he has the fortitude to withstand the most extremist ideas of his own party and the national media, the people who want to see transformational change along the lines of a Great Reset after expelling the evil Ronald Drumpf. Biden has been in Washington a long time so let’s hope he still has a memory of what the long game looks like.

But should the Democrats and the left act to nuke a legislative filibuster, the response should be a simple shoulder shrug. It’s an opportunity. Do your worst.

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