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Trump Doctrine worthy of Nobel Prize

3 October 2020

9:00 AM

3 October 2020

9:00 AM

The world could well be as dangerous today as it was in 1939. The difference is that the danger is as much from within as from outside hostile foreign powers. In Australia, the internal enemy is more insidious than even in the last war, as revealed by Hal Colebatch in Australia’s Secret War (2013).

Australians have always taken it for granted that the dominant world power will be benign, sharing our language, laws and values. This is not guaranteed to continue. It is crucial therefore that Donald Trump have four more years. Alongside his truly remarkable economic successes, at least before the Wuhan virus, his refreshing foreign policy is already paying rich dividends.

Identified by a cohort of antipodean law professors as the Trump Doctrine, this more than merited their nominating him for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The price of Joe Biden’s nomination was his endorsement of Bernie Sanders’ extreme-left agenda, even more destructive than Obama’s management of American decline. Biden has achieved little in his half-century in the swamp, apart from ensuring his family’s vast enrichment by foreign communist oligarchs.

Captured by the extreme Left, his Democratic party has absolutely nothing in common with the party of Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy. Its suspiciously well-funded mobile military arm terrorises targeted towns and cities under Democrat governance, while its propaganda arm, the mainstream media, suppresses and distorts the truth. Through politician placemen posing as judges, they hope to legitimise mass electoral fraud which should fortunately be neutralised by Trump’s appointment of real judges to the Supreme Court, culminating with Amy Coney Barrett.

It has just been confirmed that there was indeed Russian collusion in the 2016 election, but not by Trump. It was by Democrats under the aegis of the Obama-Biden administration before and after Trump’s inauguration. The ultimate source of the Steele Dossier, a farrago of falsity and filth used to campaign against Trump, has been outed as Russian spy Igor Danchenko, lodged in the Brookings Institution with toady witnesses in Trump’s ineffectual impeachment.

Trump’s announcement, ridiculed by the media including much of Australia’s, that he had been ‘wiretapped’ by the Obama-Biden administration is in fact the truth. The appalling thing was that working initially with Obama-Biden, FBI grandees had on at least four occasions knowingly hidden the origin and unreliability of the dossier from the judges who authorised the wiretap. Beside this, Watergate is little more than a Washington tea party.

A re-elected Trump will restore America as unchallenged hegemon and protector of the West. Even if the Turnbull-Pyne submarines were delivered tomorrow and not converted into obsolescence, Australia has been made almost defenceless by our political class having already ceded many of our premium and strategic assets to Beijing.

In the meantime, it has long been evident that there is no significant problem in Australia which, if it were not created by the politicians, has not been made significantly worse by them.

Now, through arrogance formed in their swamp, panic, obsession with exaggerated modelling riddled with error and at Beijing’s behest, blind denial of world’s best practice, the politicians have gratuitously imposed on the Australian people the first depression in almost a century, camouflaged temporarily by confiscating the inheritance of the next generation. The leaders are drunk with a power which they do not deserve and which they are unworthy to enjoy.

While Beijing’s star client, the Andrews government, is the worst, no Australian government has failed to demonstrate symptoms of incipient dictatorship. I still recall the nightmare scene of mounted police hounding an old lady enjoying a coffee alone on a bench in a deserted Bondi park.

In the absence of recall elections and with delays in the High Court, there are solutions. Australians must soon take back their country, a theme to which I shall return, but which is regularly discussed at goodsauce.news

In the meantime, our crowned republic, technically Constitutional Monarchy Mark II, (to distinguish it from the 1688-1830 version) provides some solace.

Hence the following open letter principally to the Hon. Linda Dessau AC, Governor of Victoria, but also for all our viceroys:

Your Excellency, As your website confirms, under ‘The Governor as Head of State’ you are ‘steward of our democratic framework’, endowed with rights and access to certain reserve powers to ‘ensure that Victoria’s system of government operates within the accepted democratic and constitutional framework’.

Grave reservations have been made by leading jurists that the Covid-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) Amendment Bill will remove the ancient right of habeas corpus to have the legality of indefinite detention by ‘authorised officers’ tested before a court. 

May I respectfully suggest that when you next receive your Premier, you suggest either an independent investigation or even a consideration of your preferred amendments empowered under the Constitution (section 14). It would be appropriate here to recall, sotto voce, your reserve powers, including the right to refuse assent which King George V once raised. Apart from the many deaths caused by maladministration, in addition you could express your concern and draw the Premier’s attention to the extraordinary number of draconian regulations responding to the Wuhan pandemic which have escaped proper process and scrutiny best ensured through the Governor-in-Council.

Take, as one of numerous examples, the federal health regulations to effect the overseas travel ban (discussed here on 29 August). These were far wider than the legislation allows, seriously breaching common law rights. At best this involves careless drafting and at worse malfeasance in public office. The regulations will be unlawful, as are the several breaches of the federal constitutional requirement that ‘trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States…shall be absolutely free’. 

May I therefore suggest that you, and other viceroys, ensure that the heads of government, who are subordinate to you, are made aware of these concerns and are reminded of your role in assuring the peace order and good government of the States and of the Commonwealth. 

Your Excellency’s Most Obedient Servant, etc.

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