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Hot potato, hot potato

28 October 2020

5:00 AM

28 October 2020

5:00 AM

The latest “culturally insensitive” crisis to engulf Western Civilisation is Blue Wiggle Anthony Field apologising for a video clip of The Wiggles. 

This 2014 clip featured the group dressed in traditional Indian clothing and dancing alongside an Indian woman holding pappadums.  

A Twitter user is outraged at the apparent representation. 

A British actor who is of Indian descent is shocked that every script he has been sent since leaving drama school reminds him of this. 

I am sure all actors are shocked by the scripts they are sent at the best of times, given every actor has a completely different heritage to the next bloke. 

The Twitter guy and the actor guy need to pay more attention to the Wiggles. Specifically — wake up Jeff! 

The world has nearly eight billion people with around 270 nationalities and 300 languages. 

Someone is always going to be offended by something.  

Should I now be offended on behalf of all Greeks with the Wiggles releasing a video clip in 2018 with Emma Watkins imitating the legendary Nana Mouskouri singing “Yalo Yalo? 

See how ridiculous this all is. There would not be a Greek around who would be offended at this. Why? Because Greeks, like most people, can laugh at themselves. They can take a joke. A sense of humour is part of being human. 

But it is a skill increasingly being demonised by a leftist cancel culture that dictates its own rules of appropriateness without looking in its own backyard first. 

Field has said the Indian song and clip really was intended as a celebration. Apparently, the lyrics of the song amount to the word “pappadum” or “pappa” being repeated for more than a minute and ends with the group biting into their pappadums. 

“It was not my intention to be culturally insensitive to the Indian community, or to add value to ethnic stereotyping. Apologies.” 

Not quite up to speed with The Wiggles? 

Originally, they started out as an Australian 1980s pub rock band, The Cockroaches, founded by the Field brothers – Paul, John and Anthony – joined a little later by Jeff Fatt. 

A family tragedy changed their direction and they instead became the iconic Australian children’s musical entertainers The Wiggles. 

They have been so successful that they are now right up there with koalas, corked hats, Crocodile Dundee and vegemite. Or football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars.  

They became so huge that these four humble Aussies had to pinch themselves when they were asked to take part in New York City’s annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade for three years straight in 2001, 2002, 2003. 

They took the world by storm and have now been around for 30 years. 

Selling more than 23 million DVDs, 7 million CDs — platinum, double platinum and multi-platinum — evidently they must have done something right for the kids of the world. 

The sincerity of Anthony Field’s apology has not been doubted by various self-appointed ethnic community honchos. The familiar, “I think we are far more sensitive to these things now”, has been trotted out by those pleased by Field’s actions. 

However, the very fact that anyone can envisage The Wiggles having some sort of racist agenda is precisely what annoys most normalminded people. 

The now-retired Jeff Fatt is 67 years old. Australian born with Chinese heritage, he was the original Purple Wiggle and the oldest member of the group. No parent or child of the past 30 years could forget his trademark calling card. Right on cue, Jeff would fall asleep and children at live shows would have to call out, “Wake Up Jeff!” 

Cue outrage from the Australasian Sleep Association representing sleep apnoea sufferers or Sleep Disorders Australia representing the narcoleptics among us? 

Because “of course we are far more sensitive to these things now.” 

How about Dorothy the Dinosaur who “eats roses, sings, does ballet, gardens and makes rosy tea?” 

Cue outrage: for the David and Derek Dinosaurs of the world who can do all the above. 

“Toot TootChugga Chugga Big Red Car” (1995) and “The Wheels on the Bus” (2006). 

Cue: Greta Thunberg (remember her?) to ban both vehicles conveniently forgetting that electric vehicles did not exist at the time. 

Thespeople who call out their perceived “so-called cultural insensitivity need to wake up and smell Dorothy’s roses, enjoy a cup of rosy tea and stop looking for offence when there is none to be taken. 

Otherwise, why don’t we call the President of Ireland to bring a motion against The Wiggles at the United Nations? What a hot potato that would be. 

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