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My pick? A narrow Trump win

Trump Derangement Syndrome clearly infects the Aussie media

24 October 2020

9:00 AM

24 October 2020

9:00 AM

It is not just the usual suspects at the ABC and in the Fairfax press who seem to have Trump derangement syndrome. There are examples of this in the flagship Murdoch paper too, the Australian.  To read Troy Bramston, Cameron Stewart and Peter van Onselen – I don’t counsel this, you understand, I merely report – is to be fed a steady diet of how President Trump has ruined conservatism in the US; destroyed US foreign policy; been a disaster on Covid; and is a really bad man. Not only do they want him to lose, they’re certain he will.

Now of course what they don’t say is that before the Wuhan virus the US had pretty much its best economy ever – all-time low unemployment for blacks, women and hispanics. And the Trump move to shift the embassy to Jerusalem, derided by all and sundry in the chattering classes, has in fact led not to greater hostilities. (Trump will be the first President in decades to serve a term without attacking a country and starting what used to be called a war.) Rather, it’s led to the outbreak of Arab-Israel peace deals. Plus the US is now energy self-sufficient. That is all down to Trump as it’s all down to fracking. And all that gas means that although Trump pulled out of the Paris Accord, and derides its global warming virtue-signalling daily, the US has in fact cut its carbon dioxide emissions during his tenure and more than Canada or we have. Go figure. Energy half the price of ours and lower emissions.

And as for Covid, blaming Trump for New York and New Jersey’s death rates that were world’s highest and double Belgium’s – Cuomo forced nursing homes to take in the elderly from hospitals because he and the NJ Governor believed the apocryphal and woefully wrong Imperial College modelling about hospital bed shortages – is like blaming Morrison for Dan Andrews and Victoria. In fact it’s dumber than that because the US has real federalism (the states have income tax power and comparative autonomy and so Trump had no tools to gainsay them) and we don’t (so ScoMo could stop the money, bankrupting Victoria any time he wanted and so stop Il Duce Dan’s policies within a week). Plus, Trump’s instincts against lockdowns have been proved correct – the Great Barrington Declaration (barely reported in much of our media) being one indication and various cross-country studies showing lockdowns do not reduce deaths being another. Trump should have gone with those instincts more than he did. But he faces a hostile press making that harder than for the PM of Sweden.

Or moving from substance to the personal, the PvOs of the world would never hold Biden up to the same questions or standards as Mr Trump. If they did, the evidence for personal corruption, illegal sexual conduct, weaponising the FBI and CIA against an opponent’s campaign, flip-flopping on near on everything, puts Mr Biden far out in front.

That said, of course Donald Trump is no urbane sophisticate. Remember, he ran not just against the Dems but against most of the established Republican class and virtually all of the media. (Imagine Mark Latham running to take the Liberal party back from the Black Hand Brigade.) The Never Trumper Republicans hate him more than most Democrats do. He’s been under constant attack since he won in 2016, before that in fact. Just think of the bogus Steele dossier, the FISA court lying and abuse, the charade around Mueller and impeachment, the unrelentingly one-sided press (see above) that studies show gave less favourable coverage to Trump than to your Irans and North Koreas. Back in 2016, I liked Scott Walker and Ted Cruz more than Trump during the primaries. You know what? Both those men would have been crushed by what Trump’s withstood. You buy politicians wholesale not retail. The kind of person who can withstand what Trump has withstood from all of the vested interests in the US – Silicon Valley, the MSM, the Washington DC insider bureaucracy class, Hollywood, all the virtue-signalling caste who had done nothing for average working people the previous three or four decades – is not likely going to be able to pick and choose his fights. He’s going to fight on all fronts, all the time. And he’ll be the sort of person who will attack back whenever he’s attacked. You buy the package, not the bits you like most. I think the US, and the West, needed someone like that. Victor Davis Hanson compares it to chemotherapy. The good comes with a chunk of bad. But you’re better off with the whole package by far.

If you want a mere taste of what Trump’s up against (again, you won’t see this mentioned by the usual Trump derangement syndrome suspects), look at the two town hall meetings that were held last week. Trump’s ‘unbiased’ moderator asked more questions, all hostile in fact, than she allowed all the people in the audience to ask combined. Biden got Dorothy Dixer after Dorothy Dixer. Apparently Biden’s ‘impartial audience’ included an Obama speechwriter. No one could watch those two events without observing the massive one-sidedness. Or take the very recent New York Post story about emails allegedly obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop, one he took in to be repaired and never picked up. If the emails are genuine, Hunter oozes slime and corruption. He peddled access to his dad, then the vice president. Where we all had been wondering what a kid thrown out of the military for drug addiction, who didn’t speak Ukrainian and didn’t know anything about the oil and gas industry, had to offer to justify his $50,000 a month Board position, these emails make it plain. Access to daddy. Which they got. And some of the emails go a long way to implicating his dad in the corruption.

This could be bogus or true, though there are certainly grounds for thinking the latter. But the amazing thing is that Twitter and Facebook essentially censored all mention of this – they refused to circulate a story from an established newspaper, now tabloid, founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton. Why? Because they said the materials had been obtained without authorisation. That’s laughable. It didn’t stop Twitter and Facebook from trending and circulating the NY Time’s story on Trump’s taxes, illegally obtained. Or the Steele dossier. Or reams of patently false stuff about his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This is blatant, one-sided censorship for one side of politics. It’s the China approach by corporations rather than government.

Will this all be enough to see Biden home? The polls have The Don way back. Same as in 2016 in fact. The Trump Haters are confident again. My bet? It’s going to be very close and Trump’s going to win again. He’ll lose the popular vote but win the Electoral College. Having got right my Trump and Brexit predictions in 2016, let’s see if my luck holds. Certainly that’s the result that’s in Australia’s interest and it isn’t even close.

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