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People taking responsibility in Danandrewstan? That’s dangerous

12 October 2020

11:02 AM

12 October 2020

11:02 AM

People taking responsibility in Danandrewstan? Things have just got very dangerous for Premier Daniel Andrews.

Chris Eccles, the career bureaucrat who served both Labor and Liberal governments and until this morning was secretary of the most important government department, Premier and Cabinet, has announced his resignation.

His move comes after the Coates Inquiry yesterday demanded senior government figures hand over their phone records to in a bid to determine whether they contacted then-police chief commissioner Graham Ashton in the so-called “missing six minutes” on March 27, the date it was decided private security would be responsible Melbourne’s quarantine hotels.

Eccles’ full statement is below, but there are two immediate questions: what role did Peta Credlin’s highly publicised cross-examination of the Chairman over the six minutes play in forcing the phone records decision — and what the hell happens next?

One minister has already walked. Now Victoria’s top bureaucrat has gone.

Two vital columns have collapsed and Daniel Andrews’ position is suddenly shakier than it has ever been throughout this whole fiasco — as lockdown without any clear end stretches before Victorians.

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