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Sorry Gladys, time to go

12 October 2020

5:16 PM

12 October 2020

5:16 PM

“I have always put the public first”, Gladys Berejiklian told a media conference this afternoon, following shocking, explosive revelations at the ICAC inquiry.

Yes, the inquiry made uncomfortable viewing; hearing private conversations feels intrusive.  

Yes, we can feel sorry for Berejiklian for having to endure this humiliating exposure of her private life. 

But, unfortunately, she has to go. 

For the first time ever I agree with former Labour Emma Husar who Tweeted:

Indeed, it has been revealed that Berejiklian was in a relationship with disgraced former parliamentarian Daryl Maguire for five years.  

That’s not a mistake. 

Did she declare that relationship?  

We will soon find out.

Indeed, the pair was actually in a relationship in 2018, at the time when Maguire was forced to resign after a corruption inquiry heard secret recordings of him discussing potential commissions with a local councillor from property deals with a Chinese developer.

Their relationship began in 2015.

This isn’t about her finances. 

This isn’t about her love life. 

This isn’t a gender issue, either.

This is about accountability and transparency.  

Too many people have to put up with shady behaviour from partners.

But they’re not Premiers — and don’t come out with lines like this, as reported in The Australian:

She said the relationship began after the 2015 election and she decided to cut off contact after appearing at a private ICAC hearing in August.

Their last conversation was on September 13, she said.

We can admire Berejiklian tremendously for her work during the COVID pandemic, we can praise her performance, while simultaneously believing that now she has no choice but to resign.

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