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8 November 2020

3:05 PM

8 November 2020

3:05 PM

Logic, Danandrewstan-style. A quick glance at the updated coronavirus “roadmap” for reopening released by the Chairman today tells that even when Victorians hit the last step, they’ll still be required to don a mask the moment they leave their home:

Nightclubs will remain closed:

But this, however, appears not to be linked to any Baptist beliefs that dancing leads to… well, you know what. For the roadmap goes on to say:

So, running on what we know, a St Kilda streetwalker must wear a mask — until a kerb crawler picks them up and they enter the vehicle.

Nothing like a logical approach to infection control.

PS: Religious groups — or “faith communities”, to use the Chairman’s term, must be overjoyed that they’ll be treated just like strip joints.



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