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Yes, it was a landslide:Trump’s

28 November 2020

9:00 AM

28 November 2020

9:00 AM

Following Dunkirk, Churchill led the British in refusing to treat with Hitler. It was indeed their finest hour. Trump, too, will never surrender, but as always, he will follow the Constitution to the letter.

While he has the love of America’s salt of the earth, the establishment loathe him.

So when the Trump campaign’s lawyers recently briefed the media on fraud on an industrial scale, the reaction was predictable.

To a real journalist, fraud in this election is self-evident.

It is the only possible explanation for suspending counting in key battleground states following the Trump landslide, starting it again secretly and the blocking of any meaningful scrutiny. This was clearly complemented by a programme of removing safeguards (even unlawfully) and pushing mass unsolicited mail-in ballots.

Although briefed on the role of Dominion Voting Systems as well as  Smartmatic and other software originally designed to ensure Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez never lost an election, and despite it being carefully explained that this was an opening statement and that voluminous affidavit evidence, sworn under penalty of perjury, would be presented in court, the universal reaction was all of this was ‘unsubstantiated’.

That word was never heard during the years of reporting on allegations of Trump’s collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election and a stream of blatant lies such as the disgraceful one claiming Trump scoffed at dead soldiers.

As the FBI did about the exposé of the decades-long Biden family sale of access and influence into Washington, despite having Hunter Biden’s hard drive for about a year and especially during the highly relevant Ukraine impeachment, so few in the media have shown any curiosity about this industrial-scale fraud which, if not excised, risks turning the US into a one-party state in moral and economic decline. Instead of demanding an explanation for this fraud from the Democrats, as real journalists would, the mainstream media seem determined to suppress this issue.

In any event, Trump’s attorneys now have a case sufficient to institute actions obtaining court orders for expedited discovery. This would allow more evidence to be obtained under court-ordered subpoenas. These will not only be about fraud but on two significant breaches of the constitution.

One is through wildly different standards in counting resulting in a large number of violations of the equal protection clause, the Fourteenth Amendment. On that the Supreme Court can be expected to follow its decision in Bush v. Gore (2000).

The other is about breaches of the Article 2 Section 1 provision that electoral law can be made only by state legislatures. Governors, state courts, etc., have no role there. The Supreme Court will be moved to rule that tainted ballots, already ordered to be segregated and counted separately, be disregarded. Or if intermixed, the Court could be asked to rule that counting without proper scrutiny be disregarded.

In addition, state legislatures clearly have a reserve power which would allow them to override tainted elections and determine how their members of the electoral college should be appointed.

The cumulative effect of the Trump cases and the possible exercise of the state legislatures’ reserve powers could be a Trump majority in the electoral college or a hung college. The latter would result in a vote by delegations in the House where the republicans would prevail.

The crucial point is that if this fraud is not excised, future elections will be imperilled.

The situation is dire. Corruption of American and indeed Western society could well be approaching that of Rome before its decline. We have seen the emergence in Washington of a powerful coalition of national, alien and global interests determined to ensure that President Trump does not have a second term.

The truly extraordinary fact is that, despite their massive efforts, they failed in their almost daily attempts to end his first term. They may well fail in stealing this election.

Who are in this coalition? As is so often the case, this is set out succinctly in a superb cartoon. Recently John Spooner in the Australian showed a small Joe Biden in front of giants in dust coats and masks labelled BIG MONEY, BIG CHINA, BIG BANKS, BIG TECH, BIG MEDIA, BIG HOLLYWOOD, BIG MONEY and BIG CLIMATE.

Biden is saying, ‘Come on man. We the people have decided’.

To complete the picture, here are the five other principal members of this coalition of darkness.

They begin with BIG MARXISM, which has captured the Democratic party, BIG PARAMILITARIES — the suspiciously well-funded and mobile BLM and Antifa squads who have over the last few months looted and burnt cities unfortunate enough to be under Democrat rule, as well as BIG VIRUS. Whether from a laboratory or not, Beijing deliberately and secretly spread the virus around the world. Lockdowns are the most severe in Democrat-governed states, creating the suspicion they are used for political advantage.

Thus, Barack Obama instructed Democratic mayors in April not to reopen their cities until virus testing and monitoring were available nationwide.

Then there is BIG FRAUD.

Electoral fraud is not new. After an initial defeat in colonial times, George Washington accepted he had to offer drink and entertainment to buy votes. When John F. Kennedy was asked about his father’s role in his small victory over Richard Nixon, he said his father asked him the exact number of votes he would need to win. There was no way he would pay ‘for a landslide’.

What is new is industrial scale fraud.

Finally, there’s BIG PHARMA, horrified by Trump imposing competitive pricing, who waited until just after the election to announce the vaccines only made possible by his policies.

And on the other side? Real Americans, the salt of the earth, who don’ t loot and burn but who love the Constitution and American values. They were the ones who delivered the 2020 landslide to Donald Trump.

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