Rejoining the WHO will be Joe Biden’s first mistake as president

18 November 2020

7:28 AM

18 November 2020

7:28 AM

In emails obtained by the Associated Press, the World Health Organization reveals it has recorded 65 cases of coronavirus among staff at its headquarters in Geneva. The WHO had previously and publicly denied any such outbreaks, just two weeks ago.

This follows a pattern. The WHO has been been duping the public quite consistently in the past nine months. It has covered up for China on the sources of COVID-19. It has worked with China to limit public information as to when the virus spread to Europe. It has repeated China’s talking points, even rehashing the CCP’s disastrous claim back in February that the novel coronavirus could not be transmitted by humans.

The World Health Organization has placated the worst actors (including Robert Mugabe) under the stewardship of its director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Any sane country would refuse to work with the WHO unless it made major changes.

But the United States has elected Joe Biden as its president. Joe Biden is someone who seeks to revert to the status quo ante with the World Health Organization. His administration might make the odd tough noise about challenging China. But Biden is a long way from being the reformer that the world so needs to hold China and the WHO accountable for their actions regarding COVID-19.

President Trump’s decision to withhold funding from the World Health Organization was a drastic but necessary step. Biden has vowed to undo that move on his first day in office. Most of the media will hail the reversal as a return to sanity. It’s actually the opposite.  But saying so would mean admitting Donald Trump might have got something right.

The truth is China is going rogue. Since the escape of COVID-19 from China’s borders, and with the blessing of American institutions like the New York Times and the complicity of WHO leadership, China has become more belligerent on the world stage. It has moved against democratic Hong Kong. It has adopted an aggressive stance against the US at the United Nations. It criticized police brutality in America over the summer. (Don’t mention the Uighurs).

A rational American foreign policy would continue to seek to counter Chinese influence over the UN’s Human Rights Council and the rest of the world as America has sought to do with Mike Pompeo as secretary of state.

But the incoming president just doesn’t recognize the global menace China poses or the way in which it manipulates supposedly supra-national organizations such as the WHO.

It’s not necessarily that Joe Biden has a nefarious bias toward China or the WHO. The problem is that that he represents a global intelligentsia that believes the United States must cooperate with these corrupt organizations and hostile regimes because that’s just how it’s always been done.

This kind of acquiescence is what allowed incompetence to fester under Ghebreyesus’s puppet leadership. It will allow China to move on from the global crisis it caused without facing international consequences led by the United States.

It was politically convenient for Joe Biden to lay the blame for the spread of COVID-19 at the feet of Donald Trump during a hostile campaign and election season. But the campaign is over, and Joe Biden must now lead.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Tedros Adhanom and therefore by proxy, the country who is most to blame for the pandemic, will send a clear signal to the UN and the world — Joe Biden is the passive institutionalist his opponents have said he was. He’s the kind of leader China will welcome.

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