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Trump should be Biden his time

It’s not over ‘til SCOTUS sings

14 November 2020

9:00 AM

14 November 2020

9:00 AM

Although based on industrial-scale electoral fraud which must end in the Supreme Court, the media could not resist rushing into declaring Joe Biden the winner.

This was not accompanied by the usual rioting, looting, burning, assaulting and worse which, on the slightest provocation, has this year been visited upon those American cities under Democrat control.

It seems the Democratic party, captured by the extreme Left, for once did not call out mobile and well-funded squads from their paramilitary arms, BLM and Antifa, to perpetrate the usual mayhem.

By way of contrast, there was no trouble from President Trump’s law-abiding supporters.

But when President Trump announced he would do his duty and have SCOTUS, the Supreme Court, rule on the massive fraud being perpetrated on the American people, the mainstream media demanded to see his evidence. Having traded their First Amendment status as a free and responsible press to become the Democrats’ Pravda-like propaganda arm, they are not interested in the truth.

Unfortunately, too many in the Australian mainstream follow them.

Accordingly, a similar demand for evidence was never once made over the Democrat-fabricated story about Trump’s Russian collusion, despite the endless almost daily stories they published and broadcast about it over three years.

Nor did the media demand any evidence to justify the completely unnecessary, probably unlawful and Democrat-controlled Mueller Inquiry, nor indeed over the fraudulent Democrat version of Trump’s telephone call to the Ukrainian president, the secret police-like impeachment, or the vast and continuous number of wholly fabricated stories about the president, such as the obvious fabrication that he called dead soldiers ‘suckers’ and ‘losers’.

Contrast this with the media’s attitude to anything questionable about Biden which was usually suppressed or played down.

The mainstream media have accordingly failed to report incidences of the current industrial-scale electoral fraud or sheepishly played them down.

This includes the most blatant, ostentatious and unlawful example of fraud, the denial of any meaningful scrutiny by Republican observers (as Australians we say, ‘scrutineers’) of the counting process.

Just this would obviously nullify any such count, at least since the Americans long ago adopted the secret, or as they say, the Australian ballot.

Blocking or rendering meaningless any scrutiny is obviously done for one reason and one reason only, to engage in electoral fraud. This is surely conclusive, irrebuttable evidence of fraud.

This was a feature of counting in several battleground states.

In addition, not only have large numbers of people who are not alive or who are not citizens voted, the number of people who voted in some key districts dwarfs the number registered. Computer software, widely used in Michigan, was found to be reading ballots cast for the president as votes for Biden

Despite receiving fewer votes than Obama or Mrs Clinton in New York City, Chicago, Miami, and other major cities, Biden’s vote in key battleground state cities has gone through the roof. Turnouts too are suspiciously high. These suggest the insertion of fake ballots.

The evidence for this is clear. By midnight on election day, Trump was well ahead in the key battleground states with on average less than a quarter of the ballots still to be counted.

Then counting inexplicably stopped at about 1am in Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Without scrutineers and based on ‘found’ ballots, in about three hours Joe Biden was suddenly well ahead, with large batches of ‘found’ ballots reportedly only recording votes for him, something statistically impossible.

In addition, there has this year been a succession of state legislation and court rulings removing safeguards which block electoral fraud. Some of these are of questionable constitutional validity as must be action taken under them.

The blatant refusal of the mainstream media to treat this seriously is reflected by their refusal to report adequately or at all the compelling evidence that the Biden family has long constituted a lucrative enterprise providing access and influence for foreign oligarchs and in particular, the Chinese Communist Party.

In this, the mainstream media, aided and abetted by the Big Tech monopolists have ensured most Americans and indeed Australians and the other people of the Western world do not know the truth about what has been happening.

In addition, most pollsters have been exposed for the role they played in misinforming the people and seeking to discourage Republicans from voting.

Having no shame, they are now blaming the so-called ‘Shy Trump voter’ for the failure of their attempt to disguise their agenda to form opinion and disillusion Republicans as legitimate electoral polling. Many of their attempts fortunately failed because they were so ridiculously implausible.

The result is they can never be taken seriously again. Above all, their predicted ‘blue wave’, never arrived and indeed, was never going to arrive.

What has become clear is that even industrial-scale fraud has its limits. It seems that even with their enormous funding, they could not both pour resources into massively corrupting the presidential election and into similar placing the same proportion of fraudulent ballots in the House and the Senate.

This has led to the obvious implausibility of the people electing both a president committed to an extreme left policy and a far more conservative Senate and House especially when various minorities, African Americans, Asians and Latin Americans, have significantly increased their support for Trump.

The Supreme Court will show no reluctance to act in relation to electoral fraud if the recent Order of Justice Samuel Alito is any indication. This provides that any ballots received after 8 pm on election day in Pennsylvania be segregated and secured – and if counted, counted separately.

Where the fraudsters have been too clever by half in mixing the tainted ballots with the legal, hoping they cannot be unscrambled, the solution will, I suggest, be simple.

Just rely on the figures announced at 8pm on election night.

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